Love Your Body and Get Naked!


So, is Carson Kressley’s new show “How To Look Good Naked”, a marketing gimmick or for real? I’m not really sure; it’s so hard not to be jaded these days. But, even if it is, I have to give Lifetime and him kudos’ for attempting to put the spot light on self love, positive body image and self esteem.

I watched 2 episodes this weekend and I’ll admit both were touching. Am I sappy? Yeah, what can I say? That being said, I realized one thing, I still have trouble getting in front of a mirror in my underwear and taking a good long look – much less getting naked.

Carson is somehow successful persuading women of all sizes and shapes to look at themselves, some for the first time, with a new perspective. He points out all the beautiful things about their bodies, and gets them to accept that this is who they are – where they are – and it’s ok. He then takes them through a process where at the end of the show he talks them into being photographed naked (tastefully) and then puts them up on a bill board in Time Square. Yep, he does.

I’m not sure what all this proves, except to bring attention to women, their bodies and the fact that you can look beautiful and feel beautiful at any size.

Learning to love your body is a process. And for some of us, not an easy one at that. But, as Kressley espouses on the show, once you can get in front of a camera naked and feel beautiful and sexy – the rest should be a piece of cake, right?

So, check it out. And then get naked!

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  1. Rumor says:

    You know what’s weird. I’m about 50 pounds overweight, and I feel more comfortable naked than clothed. Despite the cellulite in full view, lumps and bumps hanging here and there, nudity feels freeing. It’s so hard to find clothes that fit, wearing none frees me of that constant reminder…that GEEZ these pants turned out to be too big…or GAWD this waistband is too tight.

    Sometimes I wish I lived in a nudist colony. But how do those people support themselves ?!

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