Love: What My Cat Taught Me About Self Acceptance


Valentine’s Day is Thursday, and it’s a special time for celebrating our love of friends and family.  For me, that includes my two cats. As this week’s Beauty Tip suggests (quote below), giving and receiving love is bliss.

“There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”
~ George Sand

It is also a blessing: my cats are one of the single most important sources of love, loyalty and acceptance.

Charles Dickens: “What greater gift than the love of a cat?”

We also accept our pets for who they are, enjoy their uniqueness and are amused by their idiosyncrasies. Our pets don’t care if we lose weight or go up a size, wear frumpy clothes or our finery.  They just LOVE us. In return, we usually dote on them more than on most of the humans in our lives because of this wonderful, pure unconditional love.

And isn’t that exactly the kind of love we seek – and often fail – to give ourselves?

Learning to Love Yourself

If you pay attention, your cat can teach you a thing or two.  How to live in the moment, savor a warm patch of sun, relax and unwind. You might even learn to love yourself a little more.  After all, you can’t be all that bad if you’ve won the heart of such a remarkable creature!

So this Valentine’s Day, revel in the freedom to be yourself – enjoy YOUR uniqueness. Remove any conditions you may have placed on yourself in order to permit self-acceptance, feel beautiful, or be worthy of love and respect. Accept and love yourself for the fact that you exist rather than for what you do.

That is, see yourself through your cats’ adoring eyes.

For more helpful tips, read “Accept Your Wonderful Self.” Today’s post in loving tribute to Malley, 16, picture above right.

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