The Daily Essentials During Life Transitions, Part II



Life Transitions

….Continued from The Daily Essentials During Life Transitions, Part I, in which Lisa Claudia Briggs discusses the daily practices of self care that help support her as she moves through life transitions.

It’s comforting when everything is changing to have certain things that stay the same. I have a yoga mat for Vermont and one for New Hampshire and most mornings you will find me on either the pink one or the green one practicing my at-home sequence to my favorite play list that I made on iTunes.

And before I find time for a little yoga, I spend a little bit of time on my Kindle reading something that inspires me from one of many books that I have gathered there.

Especially now, but for years and years, I have known that it’s good to start my day with some wisdom and inspiration… something that came from somebody else’s thoughts other than mine.

Here are a few more of my daily essentials:

  • Time out to talk to friends and new colleagues during the day.
  • Before-bedtime talks with my husband either at home or via technology.
  • Walks with the dogs once I get home (where’s that again?).
  • A big bottle of water laced with a little coconut water is my hydration-of-choice.

When you’re in the midst of change, or simply going through a challenging time in your life, or undergoing a transition that may not be physical but that is changing your identity or the way you see yourself, it’s more important than ever to fall back on the beauty of daily rhythms that nourish you. That keep you from disconnecting and disappearing into the swirl.

What are a few Daily Essentials that you can tuck into your day? Choose a few small anchors that you can count on yourself for. These will fill you back up if you’re a little depleted, help you rebalance, smooth out your nervous system and put you back together again. List a few things that maybe you’ve considered doing but haven’t done yet. I recommend you start with small increments so you don’t feel overwhelmed and so that you can stick with it.

These Daily Essentials really are daily essentials. You will benefit by having them way before you  need them. They are a way of taking your needs seriously (one of my favorite sayings, something I say countless times every day). Having a practice that supports you is always valuable. Starting small, but using regularly, it will be there when it really counts.

I truly want that for you.

2 responses to “The Daily Essentials During Life Transitions, Part II”

  1. Harriet Krivit says:

    Thank you Lisa..and I do and always have “taken my needs seriously” and
    “if undergoing a transition that may not be physical” But what if it IS physical? When I visited Green Mt. for a month I was more the age of the women writing and pictured here…how about the older women
    like myself and some of my friends who find one of the few respites left to them is the pleasure, soothing comfort of what the whole process of eating food gives them. This overeating struggle does not diminish with age…only gets harder as previous physical activity etc. is often much more limiting.”Time out and talking with friends”?…worked so well for me online..(disbanded) There have to be many, many women participating for it to everyone’s time constraints and needs are different. Not since Rosie’s Chub Club has there been one (I’ve investigated all), despite this great need to connect at any level of recovery or struggle 24/7…since that’s what my disorder deals with.

  2. Hi Harriet! I’m so sorry you are struggling. You may consider bringing compassion and curiosity to the equation. I think food does bring pleasure and joy to many individuals’ lives. However, it becomes an issue when it is one of our only joys. Sometimes we cannot subtract our challenges, but we can add in joy and mindfulness. A question I often pose to myself is, “If I chose not to eat xxx in this moment, how might I really be feeling?” Urge-Surfing can be a really important tool. Blessings on your journey.

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