Life After Green Mountain at Fox Run


Green Mountain at Fox Run is a woman’s retreat in Vermont perched high on a hill overlooking the rolling hills of a golf course. A forest of trees stand at its back watching the sunset each day over Okemo Mountain which faces Green Mountain.

It’s the perfect setting for a retreat of its kind.

Bobcat is the name of a frat house (not really…but kind of) in Vermont also perched high on a hill. But it doesn’t overlook a sea of green. It has a million-dollar view of Route 7 – a busy (for Vermont), eroding road. The sun sets each day over 7-Eleven. Yes, the gas station.

Bobcat is my home – a far cry from the serene surroundings of Green Mountain.

Here I am at Bobcat, a month after completing a week of programming at Green Mountain. In just one week, I learned how to eat in a way that tastes good AND feels good, how to move joyfully instead of punishing myself at the gym, and how to manage stress and find pleasure in the daily grind.

It’s one thing to focus on making these changes while in the Green Mountain “bubble”, but what about life AFTER Green Mountain? When I’m back home in Bobcat, juggling a boyfriend, roommates, family, a job, and LIFE?

Day One after my stay at Green Mountain was great; I had so much enthusiasm and motivation that I took a trip to the grocery store and stocked up on foods that made me feel good. I’ve listed a few below.

My Feel-Good Foods:

  • Bananas – makes me feel energized
  • Popcorn – makes me feel relaxed
  • Brussel Sprouts – makes my taste buds happy
  • Loaf of Sourdough – makes me feel loved
  • Oatmeal – makes me feel satisfied
  • Ice Cream – makes me feel powerful

Not only did I buy foods I know I like, but I also purchased some new foods required for online recipes I’ve been wanting to try. Soon enough, I was in my kitchen – counter laden with foreign foods and shiny, new utensils (because I am the definition of “novice chef”).

What can Green Mountain do for you?

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Cooking has always been one of my biggest challenges, in my attempts to eat a healthy, balanced diet. I find cooking and baking a modern form of torture; it’s just not for me. As a result, I’ve lived off processed foods or easy grab-and-go items like chips and fruit snack packs. I’m either left wanting more or feeling crappy with a stomach ache. At Green Mountain, I felt full and energized.

Hours after my grocery trip, I’m sitting at the dinner table taking photos of my dish – a testament to my hard work – and sending it to my mom.

“Look, Mom! I guess I’m a cook now!”

As the weeks went on and I fell back into my normal routine, I noticed that though the excitement faded, small successes were still happening. The way I looked at food, movement, my body and my thoughts shifted during my Green Mountain experience.

Despite muscle memory pulling me back into my old ways of eating late at night and making a beeline for the couch after work, my mind held tight to the Green Mountain philosophy.

Small Successes Cause a Domino Effect

I found myself leaving popcorn in the bowl! That’s never happened before. I once skipped my late-night snack, I actually craved a salad, I took a sip of soda and hated it. I was happy and confused all at the same time.

I was finally listening to my hunger cues.

The first time I notice myself questioning my food choice or my decision to continue eating, I literally laughed out loud. I was surprised that I actually made progress after staying at Green Mountain for only a week.

Progress meaning, I was taking the time to enjoy my meals without distractions…more than before anyway. I remembered to hydrate! That may sound simple to some, but for me, it was quite the feat. Now, my mouth doesn’t feel like the Sahara at 7pm every day. I found myself putting down the fork before reaching a 9 on the Hunger Scale, which again, wasn’t normal before Green Mountain. The small stuff adds up.

Don’t get me wrong, I still find myself at the bottom of an ice cream pint on occasion, but I’ve made progress I never thought possible after years of other unsustainable efforts. I still have my Green Mountain binder for days I want a refresher, and I continue to enjoy the ups and downs of my journey to healthy living.

Life after Green Mountain is good. Real good.

Ready to see what life could be for you after Green Mountain?

We meet you where you are on your journey and go from there. Over four decades of experience has helped develop the Green Mountain program into what it is today, which includes our Woman’s Center for Binge and Emotional Eating being the only of its kind in the country to help women uncover the roots of their eating behavior.

And if you’re apprehensive about how to maintain your new self-care plan after your stay is complete, let us assure you that we have resources available to ensure your continued success. Our coaching programs provide guidance and support to help set you up for success as you navigate the ‘in between’—that fragile time between letting go of old behaviors and ways of thinking while practicing new ways of living. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you sustain the change.

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