Healthy Weight Week: Let Go of Dieting Day


not about a number posterIt’s Not About a Number

Think back on it. If weighing yourself has been an ongoing activity in your life, or if it’s something you do frequently, what are the usual outcomes? Is it happiness? A sense of empowerment that follows? A flood of self love and appreciation? Probably not.

More often it’s probably followed by anxiety, dread, disappointment, disbelief. Even hopelessness.

Now, ask yourself:

  • How many days have started this way for you?
  • How many could-have-been bright and sunny days in your life were covered in clouds? Because of a number?
  • And how many punishing diet behaviors did you pursue afterwards? That only made your weight struggles more difficult, even though you didn’t know it at the time?
  • And, are you ready to try something different?

Why do we do it?

The scale doesn’t tell us if we’re healthy. It certainly doesn’t tell us if we’re at a healthy weight. Life is not about a number – weight, BMI, inches or otherwise. So, why do we let numbers dictate our self worth, rob us of joy, and steal our thunder?

Today is the first day of Healthy Weight Week activities. It’s “Let Go of Dieting” Day. So, today, don’t weigh yourself. Don’t think about the scale and the numbers. Focus on your body and what it needs and deserves. Let go of the diet. And try it again tomorrow.

Read our FitBriefing, Why Worrying About Your Weight Only Makes Things Worse to help you shift your focus from weight to health. And stay tuned for more blog posts this week that will help.

2 responses to “Healthy Weight Week: Let Go of Dieting Day”

  1. bowescCindy says:

    I haven’t weighed myself in the last month and it has been hard as I want some proof I am doing OK. The thing is I am just as likely to be set off on a binge from good numbers on the scale as bad.
    I am just trying to do what will make me feel the best and keep my stress in control.

  2. Marsha Hudnall says:

    That sounds like a great plan, Cindy! Change is hard, no doubt about that. I hope you have some good support networks, too, to help you keep going through the natural ups and downs of behavior changes. As to the scale, I always remind myself that it can be as much or more of a trigger than many other things. It doesn’t help me — indeed, it can create problems for me — so why use it?

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