Lessons from Rocks and Water, Part 2


My last post I wrote about my epiphany while watching rocks in the ground defeat the brute force of earth moving equipment, then driving along the river and becoming aware of the boulders that have been reduced to rocks, stones and pebbles by the slow but steady currents of the river.

These observations were set in motion by watching the excavation team that I hired to get rid of a “little water” that was standing in the yard….it quickly turned into proportions equivalent to the “Big Dig” in Boston. I realized that something bigger was going on when the surface water was drained, and was immediately refilled within 15 minutes, and it seemed like there was actually more water than what I started with. Unless Bugs Bunny was re-routing the drainage hose to the wet area, the water was coming up from the ground.

Being in a pondering mood, this made me think of diets, or more specifically, the diet rollercoaster…you “drain off” a few pounds by addressing the “surface” (calories in, calories out) and before you know it, you’ve “re-filled” the pounds, and maybe added a few more. Do this again and again, add a little rain (stress), and you end up with a lake of overflowing pounds, much worse than what you started with, in other words, you‘ve just dieted yourself up to your highest weight.

The solution of the excavators? Deal with the “ground water” – the underlying issue that causes this water nuisance on the surface. Think of the “ground water” as the iceberg and the annoying part on top as the “tip of the iceberg.”

By installing another exit for the ground water other than up to the surface, the surface water goes away, even though the water below is still there and draining. But as soon as you give the underlying water another option to escape from the rocks and pressure of the earth than just straight up, the surface problem went away.

Now this was very exciting to me and my musings. By adding just one escape valve to the underlying issues that are trapped below the surface, the annoying problems on the surface are alleviated, although there’s still more work to be done.

Forgetting about the pesky result (not “perfect” body) and considering the underlying source (too much stress, body dissatisfaction, chronically undereating, lack of quality personal time…) and making just one small exit strategy for those underlying issues can satisfy the surface issues.

One small exit strategy…I’ll start a list but I’d like to hear some of your strategies.

Physical movement class once per week

Going to the open ballroom dance class at the local university

Declaring one evening a week “me-time”

Going for a walk just because it feels good

Ride the elevator one floor above or below where you’re going and walk up or walk down (there’s no “gold stars” for pushing yourself beyond sensible limits).

Read a book of classical literature.

Spend all afternoon reading People magazine

Join a book discussion group at the library – or start one

Spend more on each item to get quality, but buy less items (in other words, don’t buy the cheap stuff because you’re waiting to lose 10 pounds, buy the quality that makes you look your best now).

Walk the dog because it’s fun, who doesn’t like to see a dog smile?

Now let’s hear your ideas.


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