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Today is Love Your Body Day, a special day for women who struggle with body image and all the things that come out of that — eating struggles, weight problems, lack of self-fulfillment are just a few things that come to mind.  That means it’s a day for most of us because fully 80% of women say they’re dissatisfied with their appearance.

For those of us who want to change this scenario, it’s a perfect day to start.  There are several ways to do that.

  • Begin within.  Changing body image is about helping ourselves think about and act differently towards ourselves.  A first step is to become aware of how we speak to ourselves.  Sometimes we don’t even realize when we are being self-critical.  Once we realize when we are, it’s important to understand what we’re really saying to ourselves.  Are we basing all our self-worth on how we look?  A second step is to practice looking at ourselves non-judgmentally.  Read more steps, one for each day of the week, in our article 7 Steps to a Better Body Image.
  • Take it outside.  Take part in the “Let’s Talk About It” campaign, designed by the National Organization for Women Foundation which sponsors Love Your Body Day.  Here’s what they say:

If you’re tired of being bombarded by retouched pictures telling you how women should look, if you’re done with advertisers portraying women as objects to be consumed, if you’re ready to talk back, then join us. Make a video telling the world why you’re embracing the real you. Help us spread the word, and you might even be featured on this website.

What will you do today to feel better about your body, yourself? Besides make a video that is.

This post is part of the 2011 Love Your Body Day blog carnival.

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  2. Liporidex says:

    Great primer; begin within and take it OUTSIDE. We love functional training!

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