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healthy mindful eating change lifestyleToday’s post is by Beth Turchi, who has offered to blog her journey to mindful, intuitive eating, exercising and all-around living of life following her eye-opening experience participating in Green Mountain’s program. We hope it will give you some insight into how you can live your life differently and well, without the diet mentality.

I’m home!  It was an amazing but overwhelming experience to participate in the Green Mountain at Fox Run program.

My recent stay ended just this past Saturday and I was there for only a week.  Had I known how outside of the box the approach to food would be, I would have allowed myself a least a two-week stay, if not longer.  So much information was disseminated in the first week that I am still processing it all!

Taking The Non-Diet Approach Home

As a writer (I blogged for Philadelphia Magazine for several years), I am hoping that chronicling my experiences with the program in application as an alumna will help me to stay on track and offer some insight to the immediate post-GMFR experience!  I’ll be checking in once a week and I hope to hear your feedback, advice and encouragement.

Before I came to Green Mountain, I was looking forward to getting my exercise program jump-started  (I did) and not looking forward to learning yet another diet  (I didn’t).  As you know,  if you’ve been through the program, the approach is the complete opposite of a diet mentality and, in fact, removes  the deprivation component of any diet by making all foods (yup, all of them!) a choice.

I digested the program and listened earnestly to absorb all the mind-blowing ideas about food and food choices and all the other facets of the program.

Practicing Mindful Eating At Dinner

With binder tucked under my arm and LynnAnn’s mantras in my head, I ventured out on Saturday afternoon straight to a dinner date with my friend Kathy in North Jersey. Kath has some sad stuff going on right now so I treated her to a night out.

Dinner went fine.  I ordered sensibly and simulated the “plate model” successfully.  I ate slowly and mindfully and, although I was yakking it up with Kathy, felt present with my food.  Good, right?

I also ordered a glass of wine.  And then another glass of wine.  And on the way home, just a quick nightcap, a vodka martini.  I felt like crap the next morning.

On the rest of the way home to Philly, I had plenty of time for self-flagellation and then introspection and then (finally!) forgiveness.  Did I suck down the “juice” just to be a good friend to Kathy (self-sacrifice) or did I really want the drinks (a mindful choice)?

I’m not sure but at least I’m thinking about it in those terms.  The alcohol was too much, for sure, but I made good choices with food and ate them mindfully.  It’s a lapse, not a relapse!

The Challenge Of A Healthy Lifestyle Change

It’s been all of four days but I see and feel changes already.  Will they be permanent?  I hope so.  Will they be difficult at times?  I assume so.  Will they be rewarding?  I’m positive!

Check in with me next week and see how I’m doing, and remember, your pace is the pace℠! (Editor note: Your pace is the pace is a “LynnAnnism” that serves to inspire women to start where they are in terms of fitness. We think it applies to eating and living, too.)

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