What Leads to Weight Loss Results?


Avoid Weight Loss Pitfalls

3-weight-loss-tipsEven though I’ve been working at Green Mountain for a while now, I am still impressed by the amount of information that Green Mountain’s program provides. Between the handouts in the binder, materials and handouts and worksheets from classes, and what gets talked about in all of the in-between’s… you get a lot.

When our intentions for making positive healthy changes “fail,” it’s because we took too big a leap.

Still, you have to put all the information together in a way that will work for you. You want a take-home program that’s the right fit. You want something you can sustain for the long haul.

We Set Ourselves Up

We still love the sexiness and excitement of making a big huge plan… it feels so good in the moment when we think of the really big changes that we imagine will follow.

I’ve met so many women who are seduced by the various detox and cleansing types of plans out there. Cut out a million food groups and feel “clean” (and of course the promise that you will lose loads of weight really fast).

We still love the sexiness and excitement of making a big huge plan…

Plans like that can seem exciting… they still have allure in spite of how many times we’ve crashed when we’ve tried to do too much too soon.

I will tell you what works… pretty much every time if you can shift your mindset a bit.

Slow and Steady Progress for Sustainable Weight Loss Results

We’ve all heard the old saw “slow and steady wins the race.” And it does. But it’s not that exciting, there are no flashy promises, and so we pass up that way of doing things. It’s not a sexy mindset or plan.

What about taking another look at that? Because slow and steady builds incredible and sustainable momentum.

3 Tips for Successful Weight Loss Results

Here’s what I recommend to Green Mountain participants:

  • Focus
    Choose one or two (no more than three!) behaviors or action steps that you are going to focus on to begin
  • Devote a Small Increment of Time to Start
    Start with the smallest increment of time possible. For example, if you decide to begin a meditation practice, start with 5 minutes to begin. You want to start with the tiniest amount at first so that you know you can do it…don’t make the mistake of pushing yourself to do more until you’ve started here.
  • Bump It Up
    Get really comfortable with the 5 minutes of meditation. Add it to your routine and when it begins to feel natural, when you have acclimated that amount to your schedule, bump it up another 5 minutes.

Building Momentum: A Comfortable Weight Loss Approach

You will build momentum in the most comfortable way possible and get real results (yes, really).

And, you’ll avoid crashing between the all-or-nothing model of change that leaves you drained and demoralized.

No overwhelm, no guilt, no discomfort. Those are changes you can sink your teeth into (sorry).

I want that for you.

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Do you have some weight loss results and tips to share? Tell us about your progress.

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  1. barb says:

    Actually everything I have read and practiced about meditation suggests starting with 1 minute. 5 minute increments seems waay too much.

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