Laughter is the Best Medicine — Even When It Comes to Diets


Managing A Healthy Weight…And Having FUN

Helping women make real and lasting changes in their thinking, eating behavior, and their relationship with exercise is hard work.

So those of us here at Green Mountain at Fox Run make it a point to create time and space for having FUN.  That’s why our weekly line-up is filled with stuff like pottery making, laughing yoga, and journey dance. To quote Josie Leavitt, comedienne extraordinaire and Green Mountain alum,

“….humor gives us power. It gives power of the past, to create humor where once we felt pain or embarrassment. If we can find the humor in situations, they become less tense and that can only be a good thing.”

So how to turn the whole crazy dieting process into something we can laugh about?diet humor quote margaret cho

Healthy Weight Week’s Fad Diet Libs

Enter the Fad Diet Lib game that we came up with for Healthy Weight Week 2015.

Think back…way back, to the days when you used to sit with your childhood friend with booklets of these things asking her for words “Give me an adverb…a verb…a possessive noun….” From these words you would fill in the blanks to create hilariously silly stories about off the wall stuff like the nightly news and a trip to the dentist.

So I made one, mine is about diets.  Surprise!

fad diet ad libFinding The Humor In Diets

As I suspected, they turned out hilarious.  So much so that I need to share a few.

I had women team up, one asked for the words “Give me a number…a body part…a food…” and the other would blurt out the first thing that came to her mind “2000!…elbow!…beef bourguignon!”

I had a hard time deciding on only a couple.  I wanted to post about a dozen but I was able to narrow it down.  Enjoy! LOL!!

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