Green Mountain Moment: A Young Woman’s Take on Lasting Results at Green Mountain

Chloe M. is a young student from Massachusetts. Before coming to Green Mountain she had tried other retreats with no lasting success because their extreme approach and rule-based philosophies weren’t sustainable.

When she originally came to us, she decided on a 2-week stay “and not a day longer”. During her second and what would have been her final week, she chose to stay because of the amazing transformation she was experiencing.

Read on about how Chloe was able to reconnect with her body and hunger cues, try exercises she never thought possible, and heal her relationship with herself.

Why did you choose Green Mountain?

I had gone to a couple of retreats before this and once I finished my time there, I went back to my old ways. None of them were sustainable because they were so extreme. Green Mountain was not expecting extreme changes, it had more reasonable values and goals. I loved it!

How would you describe your experience at Green Mountain?

When I came to Green Mountain I said I would be here for 2 weeks and not a day longer. When I got to the middle of my second week I couldn’t imagine leaving yet, so I ended up choosing to stay a third week which I never believed would happen. Green Mountain is a healing place that allowed me to find myself and learn to love myself for who I am.

It’s hard to explain what exactly happens at Green Mountain because it’s different for everyone, but I was able to get in touch with my body, solidify the signals from my stomach to my brain about being hungry and full, do exercise classes I never believed were possible for me, and make friends from all over the world who I could connect with more than my friends from other places.

What was your favorite memory from your time at Green Mountain?

Drumming class had me laughing more than I ever have in an exercise class! I didn’t care what I looked like and was ok with making a fool of myself because everyone was.

Also, sitting around the dining room table chatting and laughing with people I didn’t know just a week before.

Was it easy to make friends with the other young women at Green Mountain?

Although I originally thought that it would be difficult, once I got here I quickly realized that everyone at GM was so incredibly friendly and kind, it was impossible to not make friends here!

YWP TestimonialWould you recommend us to a friend, and why?

I would definitely recommend Green Mountain to any woman who’s looking to go somewhere where she guides the changes she will make. Green Mountain is very self-driven with assistance from professionals as needed, but we (the participants) are in the driver’s seat.

Anyone who is looking to explore their relationship with food, learn about their bodies, discover different ways of moving/exercising, and getting to know amazing women in a beautiful place, Green Mountain is your place!

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