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salt, sugar and recipe modifications

This weekend I had to make the same recipe twice, because the first time I goofed.  I skipped an entire cup of flour in a blackberry-zucchini bread recipe; it collapsed.  When I put it on a plate I couldn’t figure out why such a small looking cake felt like it weighed 20 pounds and when I cut into it, it was raw in the middle.  Not my finest recipe.  Almost as delicious as the chocolate zucchini cake I made without any sugar.

So I’ve had my fair share of mishaps in the kitchen.  Some of them were not my fault, like the time I was cat-sitting and baked cookies.  I didn’t want the cat to get to the cooling cookies, so I covered them with a towel.  When I got home I found a cat sleeping on top of the pile of warm cookies, apparently adding the towel made it one heck of a cosy bed.  I’ve also had a cabinet fall off the kitchen wall onto me.  Luckily I caught it while dishes slid out to the floor and smashed everywhere.  Good times, good times.

That said, there are plenty of time when we create our own kitchen disasters by doing too much recipe modification in the name of healthy eating.  There’s nothing quite so sad as preparing something completely inedible because you modified too much of the recipe while following some weight loss program that doesn’t allow specific foods/ingredients.  I’m remembering a heart-shaped chocolate brick/cake my sister made for her hubby one Valentine’s Day.

What train-wrecks have you encountered in your kitchen?  Where any created with the intention of cutting calories or losing weight?   I bet there are some pretty entertaining stories out there.  Tell me about the worst recipe you created, the disaster you served at a dinner party, the recipes where you mistook salt for sugar…

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