Committed to Keeping a Committment – Part 2


A few weeks ago I talked about undertaking the “30-day shred,” a Jillian Michaels DVD that combines cardio and strength in a short 20-minute video. I have always struggled with the perception that I can’t keep a commitment, so my public pledge really was more to complete the 30 days than to get “shredded.”

So, how’s it going? Truthfully, it’s been up and down. I started 37 days ago, and I have finished 13 workouts. I think the intention is for someone to do the video for 30 days straight, but that’s just not realistic, and I didn’t expect to do that. I’m not quite halfway through, but here’s my mid-term evaluation.

The Good

I am happy I have completed 13 workouts (normally I would have quit by now if I wasn’t doing it perfectly). So, I am proud for sticking with it. And I really feel like I am getting in a strong workout that gets my heart pumping and pushes me just enough beyond my comfort zone. I have noticed I am stronger already – I can now complete entire repetitions of some exercises I found really difficult to start. Though, I don’t know if I have seen a huge spike in endurance like the video promised.

The Bad

This isn’t really an evaluation of my performance. Where I think there is room for improvement is with consistency. I haven’t found a rhythm or a time of day that works for me. So, often, I will get through a work day and then feel exhausted and not want to do the video. I need to find a way to get moving earlier so my day doesn’t derail my efforts.

The Ugly

There isn’t anything ugly about this. I am moving, I am sticking with it, and I am well on my way to completing 30 days.

Stay tuned for another update in March, and tell me how you fit in your workouts. Have you found a schedule that works for you?

3 responses to “Committed to Keeping a Committment – Part 2”

  1. I try to attend group exercise classes right after work. I pack a gym bag & leave it in the car. I have movement planned for each day of the week, except for Fridays. That way, as life gets busy, I am at least taking classes 4-5x a week. Additionally, I write in my day planner the classes I expect to attend. I do write down all the exercise that is accomplished per week, because then when I miss a few days, I can look back and see that no, I’m still getting enough intentional movement that my body desires.

  2. Ella says:

    Well done for completing so much! I always have trouble sticking to DVD workouts, I swing between doing them religously for days on end then leaving them for days!

  3. Lisa Christie says:

    Meet too, Ella! I want to do it every other day, but realistically I end up not doing it for a week and then doing 3 days in a row. I am working on the consistency bit. It’s hard.

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