Can Journaling Keep Us Healthy?


There seems to be a fair amount of evidence that journaling is an effective tool in healthy weight loss management. Journaling is not about putting together charts and graphs with your age, height, weight, what you eat and how far you walked on a given day.

I believe journaling should provide an outlet for expressing our thoughts and feelings, allowing us to express things that we need to get out in the open – or at least on the written page.

Daily journaling engages us to self-monitor, but more importantly to check in and have a heartfelt conversation with ourselves. It also provides an opportunity to repeat the best practices in our new healthy lifestyle choices until they become more intrinsic and natural to us. It is therapeutic, and helps bring a daily level of awareness to the issues we might be grappling with.

Journaling about the stresses in our lives, recognizing what might be getting in the way of our success, helps put perspective and focus on what we might be doing to sabotage ourselves and provide an opportunity to revisit simple steps we can take to get back on track.

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