Journaling for Change: Finding Success One Blog at a Time


journallng for changeJournaling is not my thing.

I like to write and I’ve been lucky enough to find outlet for my writing but I don’t particularly like journaling. I tried it once and it didn’t go well. I was pregnant. I know what you’re thinking…[quote]Who the hell decides to write down their innermost feelings while riding the hormone roller coaster.[/quote]

Well, that would be me.

I was going through all the emotions that an expectant mother feels and then some so I thought writing them down might help me sort some things out.  I wrote and then wrote some more.

Later, after my daughter was born, I picked up the journal and read it and was utterly shocked at what I had written. Clearly, my hormones had overridden any sense of reality and allowed me to record an abundance of negativity and fear. Yuck!  I was mortified and immediately tore out the pages and trashed them.

I realized that my journaling had been lopsided – all the bad and none of the good, like an anger log or something.  I decided that I had girlfriends for venting and left the journaling for someone who didn’t spit on the page while they were writing.

Chronicling My Healthy Weight Journey

When I left Green Mountain last September, I asked Marsha if I could blog for A Weight Lifted and she graciously allowed me to do so.  I’ve written weekly since returning home, chronicling my journey as a program alumna.

My husband asks me “What do you find to write about every week?  It’s food and exercise.  What is so complicated?”

Truth is I have so much to write about in this journey that it’s hard to cull it down to one subject.  It’s a process that requires commitment to real change, not just in eating and physical behavior but also in core thinking.

Sharing the Ups and Downs and New Perspectives

life is like a rollercoaster quoteThat’s a whole lot more than food and exercise and every week I find a new perspective on the journey.  This week I discovered that journaling is exactly what I’ve been doing and not just the negative stuff but also the positive.

I’ve been writing down my ups and downs to share with you as well as myself, and it has meant the difference between staying on track and backsliding.  I don’t want to disappoint myself and I don’t want to lie to you so , knowing that I will update my progress weekly, I am encouraged to stay on track.

Would I have journaled about this experience without the blog? Probably not but I’m sure glad that I am.

So, write it down, even if you think it is silly.

Write down your feelings, your successes and your goals. If that’s not your thing, then keep an exercise chart or just put a check in your date book when you’ve had a day of healthy, mindful eating.

And be honest about your setbacks and goals – just make sure you’re not hormonal at the time.

Are you  journalling? Tell us about your experience.

2 responses to “Journaling for Change: Finding Success One Blog at a Time”

  1. Nathalie says:

    I love what you wrote… “write down if even if you think it’s silly!” I was looking for a few tips to share with my clients so that they can get their emotions out. I’m going to go back to journaling.

  2. Sally says:

    This is worth a try. I keep having food thoughts and am a night time binger. I am shining light on this part of myself.

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