It’s Time To Bump It Up


I’ve been moving happily along during my stay at Green Mountain’s healthy weight loss program, losing inches off my body and completely whipping my body into better shape.  But now I’ve hit a wall.  I’ve hit a challenge in my fitness journey.

When your body is being whipped into shape it eventually decides that if you are going to do exercise often it will make that exercise easier for you.  Without your knowledge your body becomes conditioned and acts more efficiently.  Cardio becomes easier and you don’t have to work as hard to complete the same tasks that were a struggle weeks ago.That is where my body is right now.  I’ve been going to fitness classes 5 to 6 days a week for over two months.  I’ve bumped up my intensity in all the classes.  And last week I realized, “This is easier.”   I had the amazing realization that my body was completing the class with much more ease than when I had first started taking classes here at Green Mountain.

Note: I didn’t say it was easy.  It was just much, much, easier than when I began.  My body has adjusted to the kinds of exercise I’ve been giving it and now it is ready for something more.   My body has physically hit a wall where it needs more intensity within my workouts to get the same benefits I did when I first started working out.

So that is exactly what I am going to give it.  Intensity.

I only have three weeks left here at the residential weight loss program.  During my last three weeks I am going to experiment with cardio intervals and determine the best exercises for me to continue doing once I leave.  I have three weeks to bump it up and make the final stretch of my stay just as intense and helpful as the first nine weeks.

I’m off to start my first interval workout outside utilizing the hills since we have been having beautiful weather here.  But I want to know about your experience with hitting plateaus and bumping up your exercise routine.

Have you ever experienced this and needed to bump up your workouts?  What did you do?

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  1. MizFit says:

    For me its all about shaking it up (as you said).
    Less exercise one day (less can be more!) & high intensity the next…perhaps slow lolling extended cardio the day after that.

    More weights if I’ve slacked.
    Fewer wt workouts if I’ve been doing a bunch and more yoga or swimming.

    ANYTHING to shock my body into changing again.

    Don’t forget the food too.

    Play around with that as well.

    Different foods. Maybe a higher calorie day every now and then (clean foods)!
    I’ve found that really can help rev my metabolism as well.

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  3. I am not trying to lose weight, only maintain, but for me it’s really hard to stay motivated and keep working out. I get tired of my workouts and get bored. I have been “bumping them up” by doing jump rope and adding sprints and pyramids to my elliptical workouts. It does help, and it keeps me getting excited to workout.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  4. julie says:

    I agree with shaking things up. I’m in the gym for an hour or two 4-5 days a week (cardio maybe 3x) , the other two days I just go for a long walk, or a bike ride. Yes, the exercise is getting easier, all of it, strength training, kickboxing, yoga, but I never adapt, since I shift around so much. I also mix up my eating, but that’s usually not so intentional, just haphazard living (still good healthy food).

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  6. merri says:

    I was starting to get really bored with my workouts, and that’s when I started taking classes through my gym. That really cuts down on the boredom factor (which is important cuz I was getting SO unmotivated) and also shakes up the muscles. So far, I am enjoying the classes and when I get bored of them I skip a week, and they’re new and special again next time. I think a personal trainer, if you can afford one (I can’t) would really help with this too. Oh, and then random things like on the groupon site the other week they offered these expensive random exercise classes at half the cost so I bought it and those 2 classes will be fun and maybe teach me something I can use for myself later on. Or different places have beginners specials like pilates or yoga studios, so you can take advantage of those classes for a few classses just to vary things. Oh, and it sounds funny, but if I have some new songs for my ipod that I really like, I tend to workout more intensely, I really notice the difference.

  7. You need to give your body a chance to replenish itself. You are over exercising. You are only supposed to exercise 3 days a week; exercise every other day. You can actually cause youself more harm than good if you continue to over exercise. Over exercising can lead to broken bones, damage of scar tissue, and etc…

  8. Sara says:

    I’ve found that when this happens to me (it happens every 10 to 15 pounds for me) its more about the food, sleep and stress factors than just about the exercise. I also find when it feels “easy” that I have gotten sloppy in my routine and we all know how important proper form is.

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