It’s Pink October!


October is the perfect time to ensure you’re in the pink as far as your breast health is concerned. If you haven’t already done so, begin this October to get regular screenings in a clinical setting by a trained health professional.

To date, mammography screening is the single most effective method of early breast cancer detection. If you need assistance finding an imaging location where you live, you can contact the National Cancer Institute. (1.800.4.CANCER).

In many areas of the country, low-cost or free mammograms are provided as part of the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program or through community organizations, such as the YWCA.  In October each year, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many radiology facilities offer mammography at a reduced rate.

Most insurance companies cover the cost of mammograms. However, for women over 40 who might be uninsured or underinsured,  you can find more affordable or even free screenings in your area by either contacting the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (1-888-842-6355), or  find a certified radiology center in your area, by calling the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s National Toll-Free Breast Care Helpline at 1.800 I’M AWARE® (1.800.462.9273).

It’s important we all get to know our breasts a little bit better.  Educate yourself about breast health and regularly give yourself a proper breast self-exam. For more information please check out the link for Susan G. Komen’s Breast Cancer Foundation under “Sites We Like”. There was never a better reason to get proactive about your health!

FYI: Friday, October 21 2005, is National Mammography Day!

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    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and A Weight Lifted has great information about how and where to get screened. Many of us have friends and family members who have been victims of this horrible disease and we know that

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