It’s Love Your Body Day


Today is Love Your Body Day, a campaign from the Women’s Health Project of the National Organization for Women (NOW). The project was originally conceived as a way to educate women about health risks of smoking and fashion advertising – advertising that features emaciated models and entices young women to smoke. According to NOW, the tobacco and fashion industries target young women, prompting the negative body image that is so prevalent and so destructive among women.

The website for Love Your Body Day provides a host of ideas about how to celebrate this day. One of my favorites:

“Make a pact with yourself to treat your body with respect. Give yourself a break from women’s magazines and the mass media. Try a new physical activity just for fun, not to lose weight. Stop weighing yourself, and change your goal from weight loss to improving your health.”

It then goes on to offer a wealth of ideas on how to promote positive body image.  If the campaign is successful with ideas like these, we could expect a sea change in women’s perceptions of themselves.

Our small contribution is to encourage you again to read our FitBriefing “Accept Your Wonderful Self.”  If we can adopt a few of the attitudes and practice some of the strategies for developing a better self image described therein, we could expect a sea change in our personal perceptions of ourselves.

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