It’s Healthy Weight Week!


Yesterday marked the start of Healthy Weight Week, an event organized by the Healthy Weight Network led by our good friend and visionary nondiet activist Francie Berg, M.S., LN.Quoting from the press release, “Healthy Weight Week celebrates a nondiet healthy lifestyle for people of every size, and encourages sound habits that prevent eating and weight problems instead of intensifying them.”You go, Francie!

My favorite part of Healthy Weight Week are the Slim Chance awards.They’re awarded every year, and it’s worth the time to take a look.It might help you decide whether the latest and greatest weight loss scheme really holds water…I mean, carries any weight…uh, you know what I mean.(If I were funny, these phrases would make a great topic for a post – are you up to it, CeBe?)The Healthy Weight Network says the products that win these awards are not only ‘completely ineffective,’ but they may cause harm. This year’s top Slim Chance awards go to the Shape Up with Dr. Phil 22 pills a day plan (ohmigod) and Jana Skinny Water.

Our FitBriefing this month deals with one of the major aims of Healthy Weight Week – to help us stop dieting and start taking care of ourselves.For our tips on that, read Stop Dieting & Get Fit! And run as fast as you can from the continuing onslaught of weight loss products that are more effective in reducing your bank account than helping you get healthy and fit.Hey, that’s one way to get some exercise, too!

2 responses to “It’s Healthy Weight Week!”

  1. Beverly Dame says:

    Hi, Have always admired the work of GMaFR and this blog continues that. One thing I’ve noticed this year is that I’m besieged with web-based diet/exercise/health programs. Think it started with the Sonoma Diet (or is it Napa?) and has proceeded to Bob Greene, Denise Austin, Discovery Health’s National Body Challenge. STOP!

    I know a lot of this is in my head and requires saying yes to good things. At age 61, I know that anything that smacks of deprivation gets sabotaged.

    Thanks to you and the folks at GMaFR for this blog and your sensible approach to a good life.

  2. Cindy says:

    Thank you, Beverly. Marsha is on a short vacation…getting a tan about now…and yes, I’m jealous. I know she’d want to thank you for your kind words. We’re so happy you find value in the blog. Come back and visit often!

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