It Happened This Week-Women’s Day, George Michael’s Un-Marijuana Diet, Lily Allen’s Bulimia Struggle


The 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day occurred this week, and many organizations seized the opportunity to highlight women’s continuing struggles across the globe, including in regards to health. In the U.S., 61.2% of women are “overweight” and 35.5% are “obese.” While weight is hardly the only indicator of health, those percentages are a bit staggering.  Celebrate the women in your life by developing a healthy lifestyle  together; wellness is contagious!

A review in the International Journal of Obesity, however, found that obese people who participated in weight loss programs which highlight exercise and lifestyle changes are less likely to be depressed, regardless of weight loss results. This is a sharp contrast to the findings on some weight loss medications, which have been connected to higher rates of suicidal tendencies and depression.

Pop star George Michael found an interesting way to lose weight: he quit smoking pot. Since a prison stay due to a DUI arrest last September and subsequent drug counseling, Michael, owner of what was once one of the most recognized derrieres on MTV, has dropped 15 pounds, simply from avoiding getting the munchies.

In other musical news, the BBC documentary “Lily Allen: Riches to Rags” premieres on March 15 in the U.K., and this week the British pop singer has been discussing her struggles with bulimia which are highlighted in the show. The outspoken songstress has a message for the tabloids: “Don’t make me feel s*** for not being really skinny and having an eating disorder.”

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