It Happened This Week: Vitamins, Chicken and Fat-Friendly Docs


Green Mountain director Marsha Hudnall dishes her secrets for healthy living to USA Today: “The key is to understand what we really want. Sometimes it’s the doughnut, and sometimes it’s not.” While the notion of taking small steps may seem to conflict with the research Marsha discussed in Wednesday’s post, it really doesn’t because she’s talking about small steps as part of an overall focus on a healthy lifestyle.

Taking vitamins after exercise may undo some of the beneficial effects of the workout, BBC News reports. As Cranky Fitness pointed out, thank goodness this isn’t true about the vitamins we get when we eat healthy foods!

Read those labels. “Roughly one-third of the fresh chicken sold in the U.S. is “plumped” with water, salt and sometimes a seaweed extract that helps it retain the added water,” says the Wall Street Journal. “It can still be labeled “all natural” or “100% natural” because those are all natural ingredients, even though they aren’t naturally found in chicken.”

May is National Bike Month! Ride to work! Ride for fun!

Foodie McBody has a terrific example of a “non-scale victory.” Check out our FitBriefing “Beyond the Scale” for other ways to measure our success.

Get inspired. A woman who has diabetes runs her first half-marathon, via Diabetes Daily. She writes: “As my group started to move, the thoughts of blood sugars and diabetes vanished and for a while I was just Allison, someone who came to Disney to run a half marathon.”

Fish, olive oil and nuts are good for your eyes, says CNN.

Harriet Brown has an interesting post about so called “fat-friendly doctors” — physicians who are committed to Health at Every Size and understand that you can be overweight and healthy at the same time.

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