It Happened This Week: Stress, Sweeteners & Salads


salad, vegetables and healthy oilsStressed and know why but really can’t change the situation?  Try this advice from Melissa at Too Much on Her Plate on how to lower your stress even if you can’t change your life.

It’s been a question for a while whether zero-calorie sweeteners actually increase our appetites.  The latest research published in the journal Appetite says no.  We still encourage moderation in their use because their intensively-sweet taste can make naturally sweet foods pale in comparison.  Interesting tidbit from the study was that stevia actually reduced blood sugar and insulin levels.  Stevia is the zero-calorie sweetener of choice among food as medicine advocates.

More on the food as medicine front:  Research has already suggested green tea can help regulate blood sugar.  Now a test-tube study points to the polyphenol ECGC, a chemical found naturally in the tea, as potentially beneficial in helping manage LDL-cholesterol (the bad kind) levels.  Try at least one cup a day, steeped for about 5 minutes before enjoying.

Summer is the time for salad.  If you’re bored with the same ol’, same ol’, try these salad presentation ideas.   I had a wonderful salad last night:  freshly picked greens from the garden topped with watermelon chunks, a few slices of green onion and dressed with fresh lime juice and extra virgin olive oil with a little salt and pepper, courtesy of my great friend and colleague Donna Shields, RD, who is here helping me this summer with our Food as Medicine program.

Sunday is the first Be Body Positive Day!  Join me and the organizers and many others in doing something on Sunday that makes you feel great in your body!

Have a wonderful weekend! It’s going to be beautiful here in the Green Mountains and I plan to get out and enjoy it.  As Trish from I Am Succeeding pointed out on Twitter this week, the warm weather doesn’t last long in these parts.  If you snooze…or spend too much time indoors working…, you lose!

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