It Happened This Week: Social Media & Self-Esteem, Type 2 Diabetes, and Fall Soups & Stews


Do Facebook and Twitter make you feel better or worse about yourself?  Nourishing the Soul has an interesting piece on social networking and self-esteem.

Another good study proves the power of a healthy lifestyle in keeping type 2 diabetes under control.  One of the investigators, Ed Horton of the Joslin Diabetes Center, has been a long-time friend of Green Mountain, always interested in what we’re doing and often guest speaking here about his research that is so much in tune with what we do.   Speaking of Joslin, our joint program with them, “Living Well: A Women’s Program for Mastering Type 2 Diabetes through Lifestyle Change,”  is coming up again end of this month.

Is your ab workout hurting your back?  The New York Times questions all the hype about workouts that focus on the abdominal muscles.  I queried our fitness manager, Jennifer Ricupero, about her opinion.  Jen agrees with the bottom line of the article, but brings her focus on daily living into it.  “I would promote a well-rounded core workout that incorporates daily living movements as opposed to just the old ab crunch and twist moves that are not moves we mimic in daily life,” she says.

The New York Times also shared a tip for beefing up the flavor of homemade soups, which a lot of us are making as the days turn cooler in North America.  The tip isn’t for using beef but the rind of Parmesan cheese.  I learned this several years ago on one of the mindful eating and cooking tours of Italy that Green Mountain used to host.  It’s a great flavor booster.

Finally, if you got our e-newsletter this week, you saw our recipe for Autumn Chicken & Butternut Squash Stew.  It’s one of our best recipes — so yummy and good-for-us, too.  We also ran an article on stopping emotional eating.  If you’re not signed up to get our Women, Weight & Wellness newsletter, you can do so on our home page.  Just scroll down on the left.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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