It Happened This Week: Michelle Obama, Worst Salads, How Obesity Isn’t Just About Willpower, and Healthy Affirmations


First Lady Michelle Obama is crusading for healthy living through healthy eating and exercise.  In a speech on Tuesday she admitted feeding her family fast food (hey, she’s human!) but modified their diet and exercise habits after a wake up call from her physician.  She now plants her own vegetables for the family to eat along with more fruits and less sugary drinks.  She encouraged small healthy lifestyle changes to help stem the growing incidence of childhood obesity.  We’re all for small steps — they’re often easier to take.  But remember to keep stepping forward!

Do you order salads when eating out because you think they are the healthiest choice?  Be careful because that might not always be true.  At our healthy weight loss spa, we’re not into counting calories; we encourage using internal cues to guide us in how much we eat.  But for those of us who aren’t there yet, some of the salads offered at restaurants could spell trouble. Check out this list at Sparkpeople for the 10 worst restaurant salads you 

A new article from U.S. News & World Report looks at why the “obesity epidemic” isn’t just about willpower and why the tough-love policies put forward to force people into thinness, like sin taxes on sweets, are bound to fail.

I’ve been poking around the archives every week for Friday posts.  It’s fascinating to see what was posted a year ago or even three years ago. My favorites this week encourage hope for beginning and show healthy affirmations.  My journey here at Green Mountain is now past the beginning and I’m entering that all important middle where what happens really counts.  I’m on the road to fitness!

Have a great weekend!  Keep moving down your own path to fitness!

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  1. Sagan says:

    It’s always so good to see the people in power setting a good example with health.
    .-= Sagan’s last blog post..Product Review: POMx Tea =-.

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