It Happened This Week – Michelle Obama and Gwyneth Paltrow Criticized During NEDA Week


In honor of this being National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, today the focus is on women’s body image in the public eye. And there has been plenty of talk on this topic recently…

On his radio show on Monday, Rush Limbaugh criticized Michelle Obama’s dinner. The First Lady, whose wellness initiatives hope to teach children about fitness and healthy eating habits, dared to eat ribs while on vacation in Colorado. Mr. Limbaugh, you’ve got to get over that diet mentality! We at Green Mountain at Fox Run are glad that, as a role model, Mrs. Obama is showing that normal, healthy eating can include the occasional great burger, too.

Gwyneth Paltrow caused an online commotion this week after bikini pictures of the 38-year old mother of two prompted criticism…that she’s too skinny. While Philip Robinson, the author of the Daily Mail editorial which caused the ruckus, may have meant well in his attempt to tell readers that most guys “prefer lumps, bumps, and wobbly bits,” he also managed to do exactly what causes negative body image; criticism of any figure, be it reminiscent of “an 18-year-old trampolining champion” or ample, is unnecessary and damaging to those with similar shapes.  We can build each other up without resorting to breaking others down.  I can however agree with Mr. Robinson’s sentiment that “to be truly sexy is about disregarding all this shallow stuff and just living.”

Another reality weight loss show, “Shedding for the Wedding,” debuted this Wednesday.  With a premise of nine couples fighting to see who can have the most percentage of weight loss in an effort to win a dream wedding, this show is garnering many comparisons to “The Biggest Loser.”  In the first episode, the brides-to-be were picking wedding dresses, which were intentionally too small for them, to humiliate them into being motivated.  “I don’t feel good about myself,” said one contestant; why would she?  Unfortunately, reality TV producers will continue to create these objectifying and unhealthy shows until we all stop watching them.

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