It Happened This Week: Loving Our Bodies, Halloween Candy, and First Lady PLAYouts


A new study, published in the September 2009 issue of the Journal of Health Psychology, shows that workout frequency can help improve body image.  The study claimed that the act of exercise – not necessarily to get in shape – boosts the exerciser’s body image.  The study also claimed that the more people exercised per week, regardless of how hard or how long they worked out, the more their body image improved.

In honor of National Love Your Body Day on Wednesday, women have been exposing their bodies for what they really are – and explaining why they love them.  Spurred on by Mish’s awesome post called Exposed, which was inspired by Esther’s original post called The Naked Truth, other women have been joining in to show their own bodies and explain what makes them beautiful.  Myself, Roni, AJ, and Maggie have all joined in.  Will you join them?  What do YOU love about your body?

Are you worried about the upcoming holiday and the temptation of candy?  Check out a post from our archives and learn why we at a healthy weight loss program think Halloween Candy doesn’t have to be scary.

Looks like First Lady Michelle Obama is a fan of PLAYouts.  Wednesday at a White House physical fitness and health event she jumped rope and showed off her expertise with the Hula Hoop.  It was all part of her effort to encourage children to exercise and eat healthily, but it might have inspired adults to get out and participate in the new workout trend of hula-hooping.

Enjoy your weekend and have your own PLAYout or two!

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  1. Rachel says:

    I participated in Love Your Body day, too!

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