It Happened This Week: Greek Mussels, Calorie Counting vs. Intuitive Eating, & TV Cooking Shows


No, it isn’t Thursday (our usual day to post recipes).  It’s just that I love this picture and I love the recipe even more!  It’s called Mussels Saganaki and is featured on  Kalofagas means “gourmet” in Greek.  So now you also know the blog is about Greek food, which is one of my favorites for healthy Mediterranean-style cooking.

Curious? Read talks about why calorie counts on food labels are misleading, basically because of measurement error.  My opinion?  True, but that’s not why I don’t use them to monitor my food intake.  It’s because the whole concept of calorie counting is based on assumptions that are just that — assumptions.  But that’s for another post.  I’ll just wrap this up by pointing out that nutrition maven Marion Nestle is even quoted in the post saying, “…nobody can do their calories anyway so what difference [do inaccurate calorie counts] make?”  She probably wasn’t thinking they can’t do them for the same reason I think we can’t but the end result is the same!  Thanks to fitbottomedgirls for alerting us to this post.

Speaking of fitbottomedgirls, Jenn shared with us this week that she’s a big fan of intuitive eating, and how much she gained (in a good sense) from David Kessler’s The End of Overeating.  I weighed in with a comment that Kessler’s book does give us some very valuable insight into what’s going on with our food that is causing problems for many of us.  But I also think he’s got a serious case of the diet mentality that may be exacerbating his problem.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s alone.  The “diet mentality epidemic” may be just as bad (if not worse) than the struggles many of us are facing with healthy weights.  Heck, I (and others) think it’s a serious contributor to those struggles!

The diet mentality is not just about how we think about food.  It’s also about how we think about ourselves.  One of our favorite sites — and favorite consultants — tells us how body hatred is learned.  I don’t know about you, but diets never taught me to love my body.

Julie & Julia comes out today.  In case you’re like me and out of touch much of the time with the rest of the world, it’s the movie about how blogger Julie recreates Julia Child’s recipes.  In honor of the movie, ecofoodking Michael Pollan reflects on how cooking has become a spectator sport in the U.S.  Indeed, we’d rather watch it on tv than do it ourselves.  Although I will say that tv cooking shows have changed my life — they got the hub interested and now he cooks almost as many meals as I do.  Yippee!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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