It Happened This Week: Go Red on Gluten-Free Friday!


Not everyone needs to be gluten free but many people discover through a food as medicine or functional nutrition/medicine exploration of their health, that it’s key for them.  So today’s post is a look at some gluten-free goings-on that caught our attention this week.

Linda at KitchenTherapy intro’d her new Whole Grain, Gluten-free Quick Bread video series and is offering it at the amazing price of $9.95.  One of the problems with many gluten-free choices is that they are highly refined.  Linda shows us how to keep the good nutrition of whole grains — and the great taste — even when we have to cut out the gluten.  Recipes include cocoa waffles, buckwheat pancakes, carrot oat muffins and more.

@aekline suggested on Twitter a great gluten-free substitute for panko bread crumbs — crushed Rice Chex.  General Mills did make them officially gluten-free last year.  Will definitely have to try that one.

AllCanEat Foods, Ltd held a grand opening last Sunday in their new store/restaurant in Randolph, MA, which offers gluten-free, dairy-free, fabulous-tasting bakery goods.  I wasn’t able to attend but was treated to my own special preview last fall when the owner spent quite a while explaining what his company was about…and giving me a ton of treats to take home for all to enjoy.  FYI, they’ve been formulated with the assistance of registered dietitians from Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, so they’re guaranteed full of great nutrition.  If you’re near Randolph, check it out.  If you’re not, the company has plans to expand into different cities across the country.

Custom Choice Cereal was busy tweeting this week about their gluten-free cereals that you can customize according to your tastes.  You start with one of their three bases — cinnamon granola, corn flakes or “good morning” flakes — and add your favorite dried fruits and nuts/seeds.  Custom Choice also talked to The Celiac Manic yesterday on Gluten Free Online Radio.

It’s not necessarily gluten free but it is National Go Red Day today — encouraging women to live heart healthy, which translates to everything else healthy, too.  All in all, great recommendations for healthy living although I do take issue with the focus on body mass index as a key factor in health.  If you need a refresher on why BMI is an issue, check out JunkFood Science for discussions of why BMI is not a valid measure of health.

Happy weekend, everyone!

4 responses to “It Happened This Week: Go Red on Gluten-Free Friday!”

  1. Ditto!! Thanks for the support!

  2. Thanks for the great resources!! As you know, I went gluten-free (well, actually wheat-free) for a month last December. And I felt GREAT!

    Though wheat is not the cause of an issue I was having (eczema) I have since cut down on my wheat & gluten intake. So this info is great.

    And it’s so true that so much of our food is processed — a LOT. So the more ‘whole’ I eat, the better I feel. And it’s the same for my clients.
    I find many of my clients eat too much wheat & gluten.

    Great post tying it in to National Go Red day!
    .-= Dinneen @ Eat Without Guilt’s last blog post..National Wear Red Day, Women and Heart Disease =-.

  3. All of the Gluten Free talk has sparked my interest. I have heard that it can be connected with eczema, which I have. I have never taken the time to really look into it but I just might. You make it sound like it can be done 🙂
    I love the new look of your blog. Very clean and fresh!

  4. Marsha says:

    Thanks, Melissa & Linda. Appreciate your support, too!

    Thanks for the good words about the look of the blog, Shannon. As far as gluten intolerances go, if I had eczema, I’d definitely check out whether gluten could be a reason. It’s not always, as Dinneen discovered. And Dinneen makes another good point — many times when we feel better by cutting out gluten, it may not be a gluten intolerance at all but the fact that we’ve improved the quality of our food choices — less processed foods, more whole foods. So it can get confusing sometimes. IMHO, though, still very worth the exploration.

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