It Happened This Week: Food Trucks, Speaking Up & The Low Carb Diet Debate


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Move over, doughnut-hawking food trucks of the past.  Today’s food trucks offer gourmet fare that’s tasty and healthy.  Well, maybe not all of it’s particularly healthy, but I’d say it’s definitely a step up from days of yore.  Check out the LA Times story on them yesterday.

If we want to make sure this new wave of fast food eateries does have choices for the health-minded among us, there’s one sure way to do it. Speak up.  Jennifer LaRue Paget speaks up in the Washington Post about how we all have a role in changing our food environment.  Our pocketbooks are one way that speaks very loudly.  If we don’t buy it, it won’t continue to be offered.

Still wondering whether a low carb diet in which you enjoy plenty of steak and other meat is the answer to healthy weights?  Harvard researchers cleared up that question with a study that showed while you may lose weight eating that way, you’ll raise your risk of death from all causes, but particularly heart disease and cancer.  That’s compared to eating a low carb diet with protein from primarily plant sources.  Actually the latter decreased risks.  Check out Lisa’s post on beans yesterday for a good recipe for beans, a great source of plant-based protein.  Beans are a wonderfully healthy source of carbohydrate, too.

Talking about popular diets, are you still wondering about the detox diet?  Joanna Dolgoff, MD, weighs in on the Huffington Post.  Her thoughts mirror our advice about detox diets for womens healthy living.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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