It Happened This Week – Food Trends for 2011, Resolutions and Revolutions


Resolutions?  Nah.  We prefer revolutions, such as the one encouraged by the Health at Every Size movement.  Instead of making shallow promises to diet, why not switch perspective to that of health, well-being, and loving yourself no matter what?

Model Isabelle Caro’s death due to complications from anorexia was announced this week.  She was 28.  Known for a photographic campaign against anorexia featuring her skeletal nude form, Caro’s death has continued what she worked to do in life: draw attention to the dangerous consequences of eating disorders.  Sadly, disordered eating continues to be on the rise, especially among boys, minorities, and young children.

Editor of Asian-American Magazine Hyphen Lisa Lee was interviewed by NPR this week about body image issues among Asian women.  “You get this image very early that if you’re a woman you’re supposed to be very petite and almost fragile and birdlike. It’s like you’re almost kind of set up to fail.”

In discussing food trends for 2011, the Huffington Post declares that vegetables and pie are the two frontrunners (after all, New York magazine declared recently that “Vegetables are the New Meat”).  I feel a vegan pot pie recipe coming on…

Up-and-coming politician (mayor of Newark, NJ) Cory Booker has pledged to lose 40 pounds to be a good role model for school children.  His quest to reach his goal weight will be covered on his Facebook page and Twitter account in the coming months.  Is this inspirational, or is he focusing too much on numbers and not enough on health?

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