It Happened this Week: Felled by a Cold


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The week started out great.  Rebecca Scritchfield, dynamic RD from the DC area, joined us at Green Mountain to observe our mindful eating/mindful living or intuitive eating/intuitive living program.  She’s been a delight to have around, if for nothing else to feel her energy and hear her great ideas.  Her blog this week features several posts of her experience here.

Then things started sliding downhill.  Tuesday was my birthday — that was good! — but it also marked the beginning of a cold that had me out Wednesday and most of Thursday.  I’m still dragging today.

And that’s the reason for this poor link love post today.  Just don’t have the energy to put it together.  So besides the link to Rebecca’s blog, I’ll  leave you with a link to a great article that crossed my computer yesterday afternoon.  It’s titled “Healthy vs. Normal Eating,” and gets at the dance many of us have to do when we’re trying to take care of ourselves at the same time we’re trying to re-learn normal eating.

So with that, I’m out.  Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll be here nursing the remnants of this cold.  But don’t feel too bad for me.  It’s gorgeous today and promises to be so for the whole weekend here in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont.

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