It Happened This Week: From Eating Like You Want Your Kids To to Trashing the Scale


cherry tomatoes in shape of a heartThe American Heart Association got a jumpstart on Heart Month (February) by announcing its new campaign “Today’s the Day.”  The goal:  Help prevent heart disease among women.  It’s our #1 killer.  Love some of their tips, which show up somewhat disguised as lines such as “Today’s the day I eat what I’d want my children to eat.”

The New York Times set off a furor with its coverage focusing on some of the actresses’ body size at last Sunday’s Golden Globes.  A brief write-up that might be interpreted as celebrating (or maybe not) a change from Twiggy to Marilyn (although definitely not getting anywhere near Marilyn) to a piece that some readers said deliberately distorted one actress’ size clearly raised the ire of many readers.  The body image blog We Are the Real Deal (where I am a sometime contributor) got its readers commenting, too.  Our take:  It’s sad women have to keep having the conversation that body snarking is a waste of our time, energy and focus.  It’s time to stop the snarking and move on to more meaningful pursuits.  What do you think about it all?

Thanks to KCL Anderson of Why Weight? (and guest poster on A Weight Lifted last year) for featuring A Weight Lifted among the 10 bloggers that make her happy.  Her words:  “A Weight Lifted is the official blog of Green Mountain at Fox Run, a healthy weight-loss retreat for women. I go here when I need to feel soothed and accepted and normal…to feel that a weight has truly been lifted. Entries include everything from book reviews to healthy recipes to learning to love yourself right now!”  Check out the other blogs she mentions — we’re in some pretty great company!

Can’t let this week’s review go by without mentioning something related to my new passion food as medicine.   This just out:  Omega-3 fatty acids may help us live longer, for reasons that go beyond helping prevent heart disease.  It’s complicated as usual but intriguing.

We’ll leave you with the Top 10 Reasons to Put Your Scale in the Trash.

Enjoy your weekend!  And some fish for dinner…or lunch…or breakfast (think lox).

P.S.  Forgot to do a shout out welcoming Robyn and Chef Lisa as official contributors to A Weight Lifted.  We are excited as they are both sooo passionate about what they do.  Join me in welcoming them!

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7 responses to “It Happened This Week: From Eating Like You Want Your Kids To to Trashing the Scale”

  1. Chef Lisa says:

    Between the news about us needing more vitamin D than previously thought and the statement about Omega 3’s helping us live longer…thanks for giving me a reason to eat more salmon, Marsha! (As if I needed one…yummy…)

    I get so angry at Hollywood and the media over the body image thing. After reading Kathy Griffin’s autobiography about the painful surgeries she went through to “improve” her already trim figure and cute face because she kept hearing she wasn’t pretty enough (even after a botched liposuction that nearly killed her), I’m completely convinced that industry is one of America’s least ethical.

  2. Sagan says:

    Thanks for all the links! I love the idea of “eating as you’d want your kids to eat”. That makes so much sense, heh.

    Am all about the food as medicine!
    .-= Sagan’s last blog post..A Crash Course in B Vitamins: Part One =-.

  3. Robyn says:

    Thanks for the link to the top 10 reasons to trash your scale. It was just what I needed for a friend who keeps weighing herself daily and getting discouraged by minor fluctuations in her body weight.

  4. janet says:

    The link to an article to trash the scales was so timely. I still find it a real struggle not to weigh myself every day – even though I know the inevitable consequence of this is that when they don’t say what I want them to say staying motivated and not sabotaging myself becomes ten times more difficult. So after getting ‘bad’ news from my scales and reading the article I went back to trying on different clothes and seeing how they feel and the news from the clothes was much more encouraging. Can somebody please produce some scales which will only allow you to weigh yourself every fortnight and flash up another indicator of success if you try and weigh yourself more frequently?

  5. Thanks Marsha for this week’s happenings. I hadn’t heard or read about that NY Times column. So unbelievable. This is why body image is such a big issue in our society. I’m so glad there are so many people, like yourself, who are here to shed some light on these issues.
    .-= Nutritioulicious’s last blog post..Salt Shakedown =-.

  6. Marsha says:

    Great business idea, Janet! Marilyn Wann, author of Fat! So?, came up with a different scale a few years ago that when you stepped on it, it gave you guaranteed positive messages every time. Don’t think she ever tried to sell it, but seems it’d be a potential hit, maybe along the lines of the pet rock, e.g., maybe not last forever. But while it did, would provide a big dose for a while of good feelings about our bodies and ourselves. Definitely a need for that!

  7. It Happened This Week: The Fat Thin, Body Image, Bungy Jumping & Getting Miz on Ellen | Zero Cellulite says:

    […] The focus of the Mayo Clinic study mentioned above was fat to muscle ratio.  And as we all know, some of the magic of physical activity is that it builds muscle. More of its magic: It may help us live longer.  Seems physical activity helps preserve the length of our telomeres, tiny caps on the ends of DNA strands that help protect cells.  The longer they are, the “younger” our cells appear to be.  Another notch in the belt for healthy lifestyles!  (P.S.  Last Friday, we alerted you to an article that talked about how omega-3 fatty acids have a similar effect.) […]

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