It Happened This Week: Diet Show Fatigue, Raw Food Diets & Food Needs



Adia Colar told NBC, “Enough with the Diet Shows,” giving a brief look at some of the big problems with shows like the Biggest Loser.  Don’t get me started!  Oh, wait, we’ve already been there.  And there.  And there.

That’sfit reviewed the pros and cons of a raw food diet. Bottom line:  It’s only for the extremely disciplined.  We’d also add for those who aren’t disordered eaters.

Sociological Images explained Satter’s Heirarchy of Food Needs, which provides a good explanation of why we can’t always choose the “healthiest” food.  Which always gets me talking about what is healthy.  It can differ according to the situation.  In our class at Green Mountain called When Is Cake the Best Choice?, we get into some really interesting discussions about this.

Wondering if some of your problems could be due to a food intolerance?  Check out this list of symptoms of food intolerances.  At Green Mountain, we recommend (and do) MRT testing.  Although a traditional elimination diet is the gold standard for discovering food sensitivities, it’s not something all of us can do successfully due to feelings of restriction.

Christie of Honoring Health talked about how dieting is a coping skill, too. Good stuff.  I’d just add that unlike emotional eating, which can actually help us cope sometimes — if we do it without guilt and, of course, if it’s not our only coping tool — I’m not sure dieting ever helps those of us who are using it to cope.  Don’t think that’s part of my bias against dieting, which I openly admit I am radically biased against.

It’s going to be a good weekend here in Vermont.  Hope you have a great one wherever you are!

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