It Happened This Week: Detoxifying Foods, Toxic Gyms & Getting Out There


anti toxin cauliflowerIf you haven’t heard of glutathione yet, you probably will.  The most powerful antioxidant in the body, it’s a “triple threat to toxins,” which makes it key to health and healthy aging.  The bad news is that it’s depleted by everything from stress to poor food choices to medications.  Read more about it and what foods to eat to help keep your levels high.

Cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cabbage help boost glutathione levels and also contain compounds that  help detoxify  estrogen metabolites that can be related to the development of some cancers.  Here’s a simple recipe for a cabbage slaw perfect for summer eatin’; for a tasty twist, try it with shredded broccoli.   Check out this article, too, for more info and recipes for these power veggies.

Next week marks the beginning of summer, time to get outdoors and enjoy!  Nourishing the Soul tells us, “Ever since I started focusing on mindful exercise, I’ve come to appreciate the incredible connection I can feel with the earth when I’m moving my body in the fresh air.”  She also tells us how to tell if your gym is toxic.

If you’re big on encouraging everyone to get out there and move, but fall short on doing it yourself, Medicinal Marzipan has a word for you in Taking a Dose of Your Own Medicine.  Oh, and congrats, Mara, on your wedding!

Enjoy your weekend, folks!  It’s going to be fabulous here at our weight loss retreat that’s about so much more than weight loss.

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