It Happened This Week: Cycling, Superfoods and Mother’s Day


A new study finds that women exercised more when they had support in the form of individual consultations with a physician who provided them with a prescription for physical activity. It also suggests that exercising while you commute to work (walking or cycling) is a very effective way to fit your activity into your day.

Scott Johnson of Diabetes Daily writes a personal post about how we can learn from our mistakes. “We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, and then not repeat them if possible,” he writes. But, “sometimes it takes a few times for the lesson to sink in.”

Check out these Mother’s Day tributes at Never Say Diet, or enter our blogging contest and write your own post about how your relationship with your mom affected you body image or your attitudes toward food.

Harriet Brown takes up the issue of calorie counts posted in college dining halls. Experts were arguing that “Awareness doesn’t equal obsession,” she wrote. “Um, maybe not if you’re a 40-year-old male doctor who’s never had an eating issue. If you’re a woman in today’s culture? I beg to differ.”

The American Diabetes Association came out with a new list of “superfoods” for diabetes management.

Some days are just tough. Workout Mommy has 8 Ways to motivate yourself to get your workout done.

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