It Happened This Week: Cake, Incredibly Inspiring Weight Loss Blogs & Celebrity Weight Battles


Want to eat that piece of cake, but not sure you “should?”  Check out “Piece A’ Cake,” a video in which “a woman faces her insecurities as she battles the urge to devour a decadent piece of cake, imagining the dire, albeit irrational, consequences that will ensue.”  (That quote from the great new Venus Vision Community: Connecting Women with Women where we found this.)

After watching the video, maybe you want to join our Twitter Twibe “HaveYourCake.

Tooting our own horn: A Weight Lifted was named as one of the Top 50 Incredibly Inspiring Weight Loss Blogs on the Pharm Tech Blog.  Tooting others’ horns:  Also listed are some of the great blogs on our blogroll!

Is your fridge/pantry ever full of odds and ends that you just can’t figure out how to put together into a tantalizing meal?  Enter Supercook which, according to AppScout “Stalking the Killer App,” helps you find recipes that use what you’ve got available.  I did a quick search on salmon and came up with some great ideas.  Dinner is planned.  Yay!

Speaking of recipes, a plug for Mark Bittman’s.  We’ve used them for years at Green Mountain, offered his great book How to Cook Everything in our bookstore, and now follow his blog Bitten.  A yummy-sounding dish featured this week:  Fresh Strawberries with Almond Creme Anglaise.  He calls it “one of the world’s supreme desserts.”  Think I’ll have to try me some.

Should we or shouldn’t we…drink coffee?  Ponder this brief review of some of the research.  The decision still rests with the individual, say the experts.  How does it make you feel?

Depression is a serious illness that should be treated.  It’s not your fault.  You can get better.  Resources at

How do celebrities’ weight battles make you feel?  For some of us, it makes it hard to say “I love my body” and mean it.  Thanks, for tweeting this article.  And congrats on acing your oral exam!!

5 responses to “It Happened This Week: Cake, Incredibly Inspiring Weight Loss Blogs & Celebrity Weight Battles”

  1. Cindy says:

    Off the top of my head regarding celebrity weight loss, gain, loss, GAIN. Melissa Joan Hart talks about how Hollywood puts ridiculous pressure on actresses to be slim, how she finds this unnacceptable, and then shows up on the cover of People to say…”Hey, I did it! Still love me?” (ok, she didn’t say that, but what else should we conclude?). Then, my beloved Oprah (insert sarcasm), shows up on the cover of her own magazine last year saying she’s embarrassed about her weight gain (she’s an empowerer for all women!), and then includes a skinny picture of herself just to remind everyone she used to look good! Ladies…knock it off!

  2. I respect that there is an intent to be funny here…but this is too reminiscent of some of those videos intended to help the public understand schizophrenia for me to find humor. It reinforces that eating disorders are bona fide psychiatric diagnoses and nothing to laugh about. Kind of minimizes what the people who have them are going through.

  3. Sagan says:

    I’ve been hearing about Mark Bittman everywhere but didn’t know he had a blog! Must check that out.

    I’m with Cindy about the celebrity weight struggles. It’s difficult when there’s so much hypocrisy about the issue.

    Sagan’s last blog post..Difficulties with these Challenges

  4. Marsha says:

    Great perspective on the video, Monika. I noted on a Facebook comment to someone else that it’s interesting that we often laugh at things that are very painful to us. Maybe that’s a protective mechanism at work. But it still doesn’t mean it really is funny. Thanks for speaking up!

    Totally agree w/ Cindy & Sagan. Stop already w/ the celebrity weight stories…and the diet books written by them. (That’ll never happen….)

  5. yvonne says:

    Great site!!!!! Good health is very important with the high cost of medical coverage. We need to have a healther lifestyle by taking care of our health eating and exercising. I am a cancer survivor and I know. Our health is our greatest asset. Keep up the Good Work!!!!!

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