It Happened This Week: Breakast Bonanza, Nudity and Margaritas


Continuing our breakfast theme this week, from the archives we bring you “Headstands aren’t compatible with big breakfasts, or The 5,000-Year-Old Weight Loss Plan.”

And the F-Word-Blog gives a rundown of breakfast foods through the ages. Apparently we can thank the Victorians for eggs Benedict.

Marsha visits with MizFit for a guest post on food as physical and mental fuel.

In “Tossing out the diet and embracing the fat,” the New York Times reports on “a tenacious movement that is scorning the diet industry and what one pair of bloggers labels, “the obesity epidemic booga booga booga.”

You thought being in a bathing suit was tough? We can’t believe we missed it but apparently Tuesday was “National Nude day,” and the Examiner took it as an opportunity to promote good body image.

For relief from the heat, Diabetes Daily has the recipe for Diabetes Friendly margaritas. Hint: It involves agave nectar.

Comedian Margaret Cho (and star of the new show Drop Dead Diva) regrets she didn’t always love her body, reports OK magazine: “I was very obsessive as a dieter and I thought being thin was the answer to all of my problems and so I wrecked my health in order to become thin.” Now she’s accepting her wonderful self. Plus, she belly dances every single day.

Can skin-tight skinny jeans cause nerve damage? Consumer Reports weighs in.


One response to “It Happened This Week: Breakast Bonanza, Nudity and Margaritas”

  1. Sagan says:

    Margarita sounds tasty! Can’t think of a much better time for body image awareness than a national nude day 🙂

    Sagan’s last blog post..Life Lessons: Running Challenge comes to a close

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