It Happened this Week: Bikini Season, Healthy Geezers and Ann Taylor


Back in Skinny Jeans reminds us that there are more important things in life than being “bikini ready” for summer.

Fred Cicetti, aka “The Healthy Geezer” wonders: Is it Safe to Exercise in Your 70s? The short answer is yes!

Alternative Health Journal offers five great reasons not to fall for the latest fad diet.

Forget weight loss pills. Successful dieters are those who do it themselves through good eating habits and exercise, says a new study by Consumer Reports.

Ann Taylor is the latest retailer to drop size 16 from their stores, reports Big Fat Deal blog.

Lori over at Finding Radiance has a great post about remaining positive about your healthy lifestyle. No more griping. As she says, perspective is everything.


One response to “It Happened this Week: Bikini Season, Healthy Geezers and Ann Taylor”

  1. Cindy says:

    Ha! I agree with Punchy on BFD. Who the heck is going to buy the tacky designs they call ‘fashion’ in most plus sized-stores or departments? Full-figured women aren’t buying larger sized clothes becuase they’re not potential customers, but because they were born with EYEBALLS and GOOD TASTE! There must be a perception out there that women lose their good taste gene once they hit size 16. Get a clue!

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