It Happened This Week – Baby Spanx, Healthy Vermont, Food Allergy Awareness


A friend of our blog, FitBottomedGirl, wrote this week about babies on diets, baby Spanx, and disordered eating in children, which is sadly on the rise.  But she offers better ideas to develop a healthy relationship with food for your children, too.

Speaking of kids, the “Pink Stinks” campaign for greater gender equality in children’s toys and marketing has been gaining ground in its campaign to pressure companies to show little girls they have options in life other than being a pretty princess.  No offense to the pretty princesses who read our blog, of course…

The James Beard Foundation, known for recognizing excellence in the culinary world for decades, announced this week they will be giving Leadership Awards beginning in 2011 to recognize individuals, businesses, and organizations who promote safer, healthier, and sustainable food – we like the sound of this!

Vermont has been named the healthiest state in the country for the fourth year in a row by America’s Health Rankings.  Hooray for the Green Mountain State!  No wonder we feel it’s a great place to be if you are looking to work on a healthy lifestyle.

The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases issued the first clinical guidelines for food allergy diagnosis and treatment this Monday, in hopes of standardizing and defining identification methods.  Their report suggests “that 50% to 90% of presumed allergies are not, in fact, allergies.”

In the same vein, our own Marsha wrote a great article for SelfNutritionData asking Are You Really Gluten Sensitive?

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