Is Your Child Inspired By Thin?


“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” So say thousands of teenage girls across the country, known as pro-ana’s (anorexia). In their world they look for thinspiration (abbreviated ‘thinspo), from photos of skinny or bony celebrities or models. Sometimes taking the form of celebrities who have lost a great deal of weight. Thinspiration can apparently come from anywhere, books, quotes, song lyrics and films.

Thinspo videos currently number in the thousands on YouTube, FaceBook and MySpace. Accompanied by inspirational messages as the one shared above, which promote the idea of anorexic thinness as the ideal.

In case you feel out of touch (as I did), thinspo as defined by the ever popular online urban dictionary identifies the term as a combination of the words thin and inspiration.
And if you Google ‘thinspo’ you will find as the first link a photobucket account that shares many pictures of emaciated models and actresses accompanied by the following quote:

“View and share thinspo images and thinspo pictures and thinspo videos online. Find a great selection of thinspo photos”

These examples were given are:
Girl 1: My thinspo is this picture of Mary-Kate Olsen.
Girl 2: The Victoria’s Secret models are my thinspo.

From the urban dictionary, the slang ‘thinspo’ is used by people suffering from eating disorders to help keep them inspired. Apparently, the idea behind thinspo is that it helps motivate and inspire you to lose weight and become or stay thin.

Thankfully, there is some hopeful news on the cyber-front.

4 responses to “Is Your Child Inspired By Thin?”

  1. Midnight Raider says:

    I find this type of thing quite scary, and I think it’s important for parents to be aware of the various websites that encourage eating disorders. These “pro ana” sites are, unfortunately, quite common.

  2. Lidia says:

    The media keeps feeding this look down our throats. Advertising, TV sitcoms, magazines, etc. all showcase these super thin types as a template of what is beautiful. It’s hard to keep your kids from getting sucked in.


  3. deedee says:

    why is it so wrong to want to b thin

  4. marsha says:

    Hi, deedee,

    the problem with ‘wanting to be thin’ is if you aren’t made to be thin. even though it is the ideal body shape these days, not all of us can achieve thinness healthfully. our genes just don’t let us. but because it is so desirable, thousands of people (women especially) spend their lives in pursuit of something they can’t achieve — or they can’t achieve it for very long. they may lose weight briefly but then regain it due to the powerful drives in their bodies to maintain a certain weight.

    at green mountain, we encourage everyone to forget the focus on how much we weigh and focus instead on living healthfully. for some people, living healthfully will result in a slim body that meets the societal ideal. for others, however, they’ll remain round. but they can still be healthy and happy although they’ll admittedly have to deal with the general societal disdain for rounder bodies. the best we can all do about that is refuse to take part in it, by supporting the Health at Every Size movement, which encourages us all to be healthy and let our bodies be.

    hope that explains it a bit.


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