Intuitive Eating, Common Sense & New Year’s Resolutions


women thinking of mindfully eating an appleIt’s not that I need any convincing that intuitive eating (otherwise known as mindful eating) is the only real answer to food struggles.  I figured that out a long time ago after countless diets and the accompanying eating disorder they triggered in me. 

Did You Know That One-Third Of Medical Studies Are Flawed?

But I thought this recent study about the mistakes in medical research underscored the wisdom of listening to our bodies rather than the latest advice about how best to feed ourselves.  It seems that a recent medical study showed that one-third of medical studies are flawed and the resulting advice is obviously off-target.

Okay, the smart *@!# among us will ask whether this study is flawed! 

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Mindful Eating Review: The Basics

Still, it bears consideration.  After all, how many of us have decried the seemingly constant changes in nutrition advice?  Because of such changes, I’ve always encouraged folks to stick with the healthy eating basics to develop a lasting and supportive eating style. 

The Wisdom Of Listening To Our Bodies

So if anyone is starting to think about New Year’s Resolutions that involve changing what you eat, I’d encourage you to first consult your common sense.  We all probably know a lot more about what’s best for us than we give ourselves credit for.  And if we think we don’t know, then it’s time to slow down and start listening. 

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Clearing Up Nutrition Confusion

A little guidance, like the Plate Model for Healthy Eating, can be helpful if we’re really confused.  All it really does is help us feed ourselves in a way that supports the functioning of our internal guidance system for eating. 

Once we get that down, and begin to manage emotional eating situations, we can find that we eat pretty well, and the vagaries of nutrition research don’t have that much of an effect on what we eat until they have a good track record for validity.  And even then, I’ve found that the advice that lasts doesn’t stray that far from the tried and true basics.

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