Intuitive Cooking-Who Knew?


Well, I had never heard of Intuitive Cooking until last week. I was walking with a friend who told me about  Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabriella Hamilton.

I was so happy to discover this concept because I have always called myself a “throw together” cook.  Who knew that all along I had actually been intuitive?  My chaotic-random style of cooking is to open the refrig door, see what is in there, cook it up and voila–dinner.

One of the things that encourages me to cook this way is my CSA ( community supported agriculture).  I get my food from our wonderful local farmers every week and then I use that delicious, grown-with-love food for my intuitive cooking.

With such yummy ingredients, it’s almost always edible and sometimes smashingly good.  I realize that the chefs at Green Mountain are intuitively seasoning  the great dishes they prepare all the time.

In an Intuitive Cooking article by Lisa Turner’s in the Huffington Post and she says:

I believe that intuitive cooking is  as important as intuitive eating in terms of our relationship with food. Cooking by availability and intuition — shopping the market, choosing produce that looks fresh and appealing, and then combining it with ingredients on hand, according to taste and personal preference — is perhaps the oldest and most authentic way of food prep.

In my classes I frequently talk about finding activities for our creative selves and now I can add Intuitive Cooking to the list of creative possibilities.

How have you experimented with Intuitive Cooking?

3 responses to “Intuitive Cooking-Who Knew?”

  1. I’m definitely more of an intuitive cook (and I didn’t know there was a name for it, either!) than one who goes by recipes, although I do that too. But once I have a recipe, I usually start changing it up!

  2. Robyn says:

    I cook this way as well and I love it. I’m always creating something new. Last weekend I cooked with Jerusalem artichokes for the first time and I’m already in love; they are delicious. It’s so fun to experiment with new foods and new combinations.

  3. Lisa Turner says:

    Hi Darla,

    Great article, and thank you for mentioning my Intuitive Cooking piece in your post. I have long been a throw-together cook, and love your phrase for it! I’ll connect on FB and Twitter. Let’s stay in touch…

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