Celebrating International No Diet Day Today & Forever


Each year at the beginning of May comes a very timely event:

International No Diet Day on May 6th

Why timely?

Well, it is the time of year that so many of us begin to think about the coming summer months of bared bodies — shorts, swimsuits, sleeveless tops. For the weight-worried among us, that also means thoughts of weight loss. And the dieting that goes along with that.

The Failed Promise of Weight Loss Diets

Of course, that’s the promise of weight loss diets. That we will undertake a heroic effort that will change our bodies for the better.

But we all know that that rarely happens. Instead, diets deliver weight gain for the vast majority of people, as they go back and forth between losing and gaining it all back and more. And in the process, losing muscle and gaining it back as fat so that even if we don’t gain back more weight than we lost, we become fatter anyway as our body composition shifts.

So what can we do on this day of celebrating no diets?

Here are a few words from one of our nutritionists at Green Mountain at Fox Run. I love her theme of letting go.

“May we all breathe a breath of fresh relief on this day and give thanks that today is meant to help us cut loose the diet chains that bind us, shake it all off and completely let go.

Let go of the constant mental calculation that is performed on a meal-by-meal basis to ensure that we remain below our allotted 800, 1200 or whatever hundred-calorie meal plan we’ve chosen or has been chosen for us.

Let go of the constant microscopic way of thinking that conditions us to dissect every morsel of food we contemplate eating to ensure the perpetual quest for weight loss will finally be won.

Let go of the measuring and the charting that allows us to compare and contrast every food we are faced eating, to identify which choice is the absolute best choice.  ‘Can I please get a 4-ounce serving of a lowfat, complete protein strand that contains all essential amino acids and a side of carbs that contain a low glycemic load?’

Let go of the constant cryptic and obscure terminology we try so painstakingly hard to understand and apply to our food selection in order to purchase and eat what is right and good by the standards set by someone we’ve never even met, but our family and friends talk constantly about. ‘You know, THEY say you should only eat complex carbohydrates’.  People are complex!  Eating shouldn’t be!”


How can you let go when this has been your life for so many years?

It’s About Trust

Start with mindfulnessbeing in the moment now, to discover what you need right now to feel good.

When we keep our focus on feeling good in the moment, that can lead us to feeling good over time. And feeling good over time leads us to our natural healthy weight, which can be maintained by continuing the healthy behaviors that keep us feeling good in the moment and over time. It ends the up and down of weight loss dieting.

A word about those behaviors: A big part of mindfulness is trust. So rather than following a list of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”, mindfulness is about trusting that your body can guide you in what you need.

For example, you may feel good eating rich foods in the moment but when that’s all you eat, you won’t feel good over time.

But you don’t have to force yourself to balance your eating. When you’re listening to your body, it will tell you in the moment when you’ve had enough of something that does taste great. And when you’d rather have fresh strawberries than ice cream.

If you’re feeling lost in how to start this journey of discovery, or if you have struggled with eating and weight for a long time, consider working with a registered dietitian or therapist who practices a non-diet, mindful/intuitive eating approach.

Or consider a stay here at Green Mountain at Fox Run where along with like-minded women, you’ll immerse yourself in a fun, healthy living experience that truly is all about you.

Happy International No Diet Day!

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