Improve Your Confidence with a Box of Sweethearts


In second grade, on Valentine’s Day, my pink heart envelope made from construction paper was half full. The girls next to me on both sides were overflowing.

And so, it starts…The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Memories of Valentine’s Days’ Past.

One of those “not so good” memories for me was that elusive box of Sweethearts candies. You know the ones – the little heart like candies that had little messages on them. Things like: True Love, Be Mine, Hug Me, or Oooh La La.

UGG…No thank you. (A taste of my leftover personal feelings from elementary school)

What if this box of Sweethearts was different? What if it was perfect for you? What if it made you feel good about yourself? Lifted your spirits?

What if you could create your own personal box of Sweethearts?

What if you had a box full of words that make you sit up tall and take notice? A box that is actually made up of words that feel authentic to you and is created out of your personal uniqueness.

All the traits and qualities that you tend to lose sight of, the ones that are forgotten, because you are too busy beating yourselves up. Shaming or blaming yourself. A box that you can open when you notice yourself in this spot of despair.

Here is your chance to build yourself a box of confidence, a box of self-discovery. All you need is a pen and paper (note cards, little construction paper hearts, or sticky notes). Follow the step by step instructions below.

Step 1: Identify the words that resonate with your mind, soul, and body.

Take a deep breath, and look at the chart of words below. IMPORTANT: look at the words with non-judgmental curiosity. Read the list, and circle or write down all the words that resonate with you. Words that feel right for you, about you. Don’t question, just write.

compassion durable capable caring independent gutsy supportive
courage trustworthy energetic funny child-like joyful endurance
rugged artistic strong enough brilliant brave bold
Able-bodied musical credible mindful observant powerful faithful
smart inventive reliable intuitive comforting sensitive authentic
agile perceptive colorful empathetic wise devoted persistent
curious warm creative listener visionary honest gentle
balanced dependable trusting humorous friendly sentimental alert
peaceful effective competent goofy generous useful alive
uplifting passionate open-minded silly considerate affectionate vivacious
valuable efficient understanding insightful attentive dedicated accepting
bright decent fair kind loyal romantic tender
tenacity determined driven considerate polite intelligent humble
nurturing expressive spunky spirited animated vibrant articulate
diverse mysterious lighthearted cheerful active enthusiastic allusive

Step 2: Select the words that make you YOU.

Now, look at the list of words you circled or wrote down. Pick nine words that are the essence of you and make up your individual uniqueness. (Okay, 8 or 10 will work too!)

Step 3: Visualize YOU.

Take these 9 words and write them out on notecards (or hearts) and create yourself a box of you. Or, if you would like, create yourself a vision board with your words.

Step 4: Revisit YOU when you need it.

Place the vision board or box in a place where you see it every day. Open this box when you need a lift. Read the notecards out loud, or read your vision board. Let the words soak into your skin, into your heart. and into your mind.

As you begin to own this uniqueness that is you, start sharing it with the world, we can’t wait to experience the amazing fullness of you. #BeHerNow

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