It Happened This Week: Imagining Eating, Stress and Weight Gain, & Vermonting at Buttermilk Falls


imaging a life free of weight worries and healthy livingInteresting research out this week about the potential benefits of imagining you’re eating something, instead of really eating it. It may help you eat it more mindfully when you do partake.

Exercise before breakfast might help ameliorate the after-effects of too much holiday indulgence, according to a study reviewed in this New York Times article. Our comment: As always, listen to your body.

It’s long been known that stress can contribute to weight struggles. Diana at Nutrition Data’s blog explains why that happens.

My post this week at SELF/Nutrition Data shares another way to green up your holidays, beyond the usual fir, pine and mistletoe.

“Vermonting” is our terminology at Green Mountain for the walks/hikes we take our participants on, to enjoy the amazing surroundings we are so privileged to live and work in. Check out this video Robyn took during a hike to Buttermilk Falls, a scenic place near us. Beautiful….

As in many areas, Christmas holiday preparations are in full swing in these parts. For us, that means we’re just about to close for three weeks at Green Mountain. It’s exciting not only because we’ll have some down time, but also because it’s the time we do a lot of renovations. And this year we’re undertaking some big changes to spiff up our warm and cozy retreat, to make it even better, just as the women who come to us deserve. It’s also a good time to think about coming to Green Mountain, which is so much more than an adult weight loss camp. We’ve got our end-of-year special going. Get 25% off any stay in 2011! Sign up by midnight on December 31. 

Have a great weekend!

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