When Diet and Fitness Isn’t Enough


Getting Off The Diet Wheel To Nowhere

diets don't workWe’ve all heard the statistics: 95% of dieters gain back the weight they lose. Yet, like hopeful hamsters, when we hear about a new diet, we get back on our little wheels praying that this time it will work.

For me, it took a stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run to finally persuade me to get off the diet wheel to nowhere.

Eating Mindfully

Here I started learning how to eat mindfully which means eating by my own internal cues, such as hunger and fullness; enjoying movement and exercise to connect with my body; and using mindfulness techniques to know how I was feeling and what I really wanted to eat.

My Experience: The Non-Diet, Intuitive Eating Program

Of course, a non-diet, intuitive eating program seemed incredibly risky at first. Not enough rules, food lists, points or scales. How would I know I was doing it “right?” Yet, over the weeks at Green Mountain I started learning for the first time what intuitive eating was about.

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Mindful Eating Basics

It was the actual EXPERIENCE and working with the staff that started making this real for me. Then when I returned home, I just kept at it. I refused to diet! And my body, mind and life changed slowly for the better week by week. I never “failed” or was “bad” because I was simply finding my own way through, step-by-step, day-by-day.

Researchers Find Intuitive Eating Programs More Effective Than Traditional Weight Loss Programs

Then I came across this. On July 7, 2014, Science Daily reported that researchers at the University of Missouri followed women in an employee wellness program who were using an intuitive, mindful eating approach. The researchers found that this new wellness approach that focuses on mindfulness and intuitive eating as a lifestyle,

“is more effective than traditional weight-loss programs in improving individuals’ views of their bodies and decreasing problematic eating behaviors.”

Now, I do have one dispute with this statement: this approach is not new! For more than 40 years, Green Mountain at Fox Run has been using this intuitive approach to help women who struggle with weight and binge eating, in particular. But still, these evidence-based findings are good news for all.

The study goes on to state: “Problematic eating behaviors and dissatisfaction with one’s body are familiar struggles among women.”

Yes, we all know this only too well!

Intuitive Eating: Lower Levels of Problematic Eating

The study, however, found that women who participated in the study,  “reported higher levels of body appreciation and intuitive eating and lower levels of problematic eating behaviors such as binging, purging and fasting, as compared to women who did not participate in the program.”

Anyone Can Benefit From An Intuitive Eating Program

Best of all, the researchers report that the intuitive eating approach  “is not just for individuals with eating disorders, this type of intervention program is for a variety of individuals who want to have more knowledge on how to be healthy and how to appreciate their bodies’ value.”

My own experience has been proof for me that Green Mountain’s approach really can work. But it’s sure it nice to have the science on my side as well.

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  1. I keep reading blogs about the Precision Nutrition program. How do you think that that program differs from the intuitive eating programs at GM?

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