I’ll Have a Burger With That Burger?


I think it’s the name that bugs me most… the KING QUAD STACKER. Ok, not the most gentile sounding sandwich, not exactly girly. Apparently, there are two, three and a four-layered Quad Stacker. The latter has four slabs of beef, four slices of cheese and up to eight slices of bacon, “smothered,” (per Burger King), in a creamy sauce.

Methinks this new concoction by Burger King speaks to the ever dwindling healthy eating trend that fast food restaurants tried to embrace the last couple of years. Seems as though most their salads are getting tossed (no pun intended) in lieu of monster thick burgers, burger bombs and monster gut busters. When America wants their burgers, they want their burgers!

I’m all for a good burger once and a while, but this gynormous sandwich contains over 1,000 calories and 68 grams of fat (including 30 grams of saturated fat). That’s about half the calories and 11/2 times the saturated fat the average adult should typically consume in a day. Ouch.

Denny Marie Post, senior vice president of Burger King has this to offer…

“We’re satisfying the serious meat lovers by leaving off the produce and letting them decide exactly how much meat and cheese they can handle.”


Ok, that being said, let’s take a look on the ‘lighter’ side of things. David Letterman’s,

Top Ten Questions to Ask Yourself before Ordering the Burger King Quad Stacker
#10.  “Are my papers in order?”
#9.    “Can I get it super sized?”
#8.    “Will I have time to run 298 miles to burn off the calories?”
#7.    “Could this have anything to do with why the rest of the world hates us?”
#6.    “Should I talk to my doctor about Lipitor?”
#5.    “Can I get it on a low-carb bun?”
#4.    “How come there isn’t any sausage on this bad boy?”
#3.    “Why is Burger King making me sign a release form?”
#2.    “Should I wait till they come out with the ‘Quint Stacker’?”

And the #1 question to ask yourself before ordering the Burger King Quad Stacker?
“Do I have my cardiologist on speed dial?”

Take two Tums and have a happy Friday!

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