If The Tennis Shoe Fits…


Tennis sneakers I went shopping this weekend for some new workout threads and was reminded how invigorating it can be tossing out the old and bringing in something brand spanky new.  Even exchanging my dingey socks with a fresh pair of crispy white ones can put a skip in my step and help me stay the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Not to overstate the importance of socks, but replacing old tired tees and tennies with ones that are comfortable and better suited to your workout really can make a difference.

I think it is important to ‘gear up’ for exercise the same way you do for any other event that’s important to you.  I don’t mean going out and buying the most expensive athletic wear you can find just to prove how serious you are.  Or waiting one more day to engage in your favorite activity because you don’t think you have the right clothes.  I’m talking about making a commitment to your new active lifestyle and more importantly your body, in an effort to keep you moving for life.

Here at Green Mountain, we appreciate that shopping for good athletic wear can be challenging., so I’ve included a few links where here are a few links that could assist you in gearing up for your next fitness adventure might be just a little more empowering.



Ladies Only Sports

What are some of your favorite spots to shop? Do you have a best kept secret that works for women who come in all shapes and sizes?

6 responses to “If The Tennis Shoe Fits…”

  1. Chef Lisa says:

    You’re totally right, Cindy. If my exercise clothes are even just dirty, I might just use it as an excuse to not make the effort. 🙁 Where are those laundry gnomes when you need them?!

    I was shocked recently when I learned, through the advice of a physical therapist, just how often a person should retire thier sneakers…those of us who are very physically active should change out shoes every three to four months! I would suggest that everyone remember to keep feet happy, as their comfort effects knees, hips, back, etc. Even investing in a $10 pair of comfort shoe inserts at the drug store can help a lot…they make them for high heels, too.

  2. Jaime says:

    I think you just diagnosed my sore feet problem. I have great socks that I bought that are padded on the soles, great for exercising. I think they are ready for the sock graveyard though, as the padding seems a little skimpy now. Off to buy more! If I could just remember the brand name!

  3. Cindy says:

    I think I’m going to have to make the big leap to orthotics. I’ve now had two massage therapists, and a chiropractor tell me I have one leg slightly longer than the other. Huh? Can’t be good on the old lower back. If all you have to do is change your socks, you’re lucky!

    Maybe next week we’ll explore the whole athletic bra story. I’ve narrowed that search down to a couple great ones I’ve found over the years.

  4. love2eatinpa says:

    omg, there is nothing like wearing a new piece of clothing or sneakers to put a bounce in your step and make working out somehow feel more fun.
    not to sound snooty, but as a runner of 14 years, i only buy technical clothing, stuff that wicks the sweat off your body so you are not wearing a drenched cotton t-shirt, socks, yoga pants, etc. it’s not as expensive as it used to be and is actually pretty affordable.

  5. Sherry says:

    Check out Junonia — they were making activewear in large sizes long before Danskin and others got with the program.

  6. Jennifer says:

    After teaching for 9 years, I have realized that my sports bra is one of the biggest determining factors as to whether I have a good workout or not. I have tried them all, truthfully. And all I am saying is, how hard can it be to find a sports bra that wicks, that supports (larger chests), that keeps my womanly form( as opposed to the uni-boob), and that looks decent. The answer is: Almost impossible. Until I found one bra that has done it for me. Champion designs it and the style code is 072. I have had friends try this bra and even past participants, all of varying sizes and shapes, and they have all agreed that it works! You have to check it out. Maybe it will work for you, and help keep the “ladies” where we want them 🙂

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