What to Do Instead of Dieting: Inspirational Video


Today a gift from Rick Kausman, MD, member of the Association for Size Diversity & Health, on whose listserv he generously shared this beautiful work.  It’s an inspirational recipe to reach your natural, healthy weight.

This from the write-up below the video on YouTube:

Dr. Rick Kausman is a medical doctor who is recognised as the Australian pioneer of the person-centred approach to healthy weight management. Rick has written two books including the award-winning ‘If Not Dieting, Then What?’, he is the creator of a number of other resources, and has had several articles on healthy weight management published in peer-reviewed journals. Dr Rick is a Director of the Butterfly Foundation and a Fellow of the Australian College of Psychological Medicine. Dr Rick is also an inspirational and entertaining speaker.

He uses these cards to end his talks, which is evidence enough for me that he is indeed an inspirational and entertaining speaker.


8 responses to “What to Do Instead of Dieting: Inspirational Video”

  1. Sigi says:

    Just FYI to readers: I have bought these cards in a lovely little box set from Rick’s website (IfNotDieting.com.au). I use them as little bookmarks now and then (changing them up to suit the theme I want to focus on for the week), and they can be helpful little reminders. Would make a nice gift too.

  2. janet says:

    I think I might start watching this when I get the urge to weigh myself too often and start to fixate on the figures rather than the positive steps I have taken during the week to improve my health. And with that I am off for a walk in the glorious sunshine.

  3. Marsha says:

    Thanks for that heads up, Sigi. I love having cards like this. And Janet, I hope you enjoyed your walk. It sounds wonderful! Raining here…..

  4. Marisa says:

    Love this video! It reminds us all to stop dieting and start living. Thanks for sharing. Just posted it on my facebook page. 🙂

  5. el cigaret says:

    good and inspiring video just love the music you put on the video..

  6. Great video, Bon jovi I think. Anyway just started on a diet, and will be following your blog closely

    kind regards Lene

  7. Sofia says:

    Hi there

    Great movie with great music it calms me down and made me think of my life. I to have been dieting the most of my life but I have never lost any weight. Maybe I should think more about my self as I am and not on how I think I should be.

    This advise you give in this video can even be used to stop smooking cigarettes

    Thanks and may you have a nice day


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