How to Stop Eating When Full – Part 1


How to Stop Eating When Full What does it mean to feel full?  Most of us would describe hunger cues very similarly, an empty feeling in the stomach, growling or pangs, maybe even inability to focus on a task.  Creating a universal description of  fullness may not be as easy.  Our idea of full can be very different, depending on our typical eating patterns.  Some of the “signs” I look for to indicate fullness after a meal are:

  • a slowed pace of eating
  • a dampening down on of the senses – i.e. noticing less about the flavor, texture, or aroma of what you eating
  • taking a deep breath or sighing
  • feeling the food stretch and weigh down the stomach some

Once you can identify these sensations, that doesn’t mean you will find it easy to stop eating when full.  There are so many things that can trigger eating past the point of satisfaction.  Targeting these triggers may help you stop, check-in, realize you are full, and find it easier to wrap up eating for the moment.

In Part 2 of this post we will consider common triggers for eating beyond fullness.  We will also explore some ideas to help you close-out meal once you’ve identified that you are satisfied.  Stay tuned…

How are you at identifying physical fullness?  Is fullness enough of a cue to encourage you to stop eating?


2 responses to “How to Stop Eating When Full – Part 1”

  1. Deborah says:

    I must confess I do know when I’m full. It’s the desire to continue that’s my problem and I guess the ‘why’ can vary. Sometimes it’s about eating emotionally (out of anger etc) or sometimes it’s cos whatever I’m eating is delicious and I struggle to remember I can put it away and finish it later. (It has to be eaten NOW!)

    (Yes, I’m all about the instant gratification!)


  2. Maura says:

    This is probably my biggest area of struggle with intuitive eating. I cane easily recognize hunger (as long as I let myself get hungry). I even recognize when I’m satisfied. Acting on that recognition is another story. Looking forward to part 2.

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